single mom


I don’t know if its the coffee that’s making me irritated right now, but according to today’s horoscope, it could be the moon:

Moon has a crabby aspect with Saturn mid-day so you can feel blocked or thwarted or given a big “no”. No worries. You get a yes at the end of the day as the Moon trines Jupiter in Aquarius. Think big picture and not little skirmishes. The no was a skirmish. Watch for the yes behind it. –Annie Ortelee

General annoyances: Co-worker bitching about her drunk single mom neighbor, facing phone conversation with Roofie about impending meeting, possible State of Colorado layoffs by seniority, married/taken men contacting me, Rocky Mountain spring weather and my debate whether to remove snow tires or not yet.

Waiting for that good feeling at the end of the day already.


8 thoughts on “Annoyance”

  1. Ugh. The job thing. Mang. I’m sorry.

    Well, I’m sorry about it all, but mostly the job thing b/c that’s prbly the scariest.


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