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I received an email from the Head Start HR department:

While we all appreciate the distress over losing a good teacher, the policy our organization has had for many years regarding an “AWOL” situation is one we have held very firmly to. One way to be a voice for change is to join the Policy Council as your center’s representative. This is a parent board that focuses on staff, the policies that affect how they work and who we hire. I encourage you to please fill out the community complaint form as well.

So it looks like I am joining the Policy Council. Even though my daughter may only have another year at Head Start (if I don’t withdraw her before then), and  I may never get Spot rehired, I feel like I have to do something. I’m also getting on the Agenda to bring this up at the center’s parent meeting next month.

If I nothing else, I am going to ask the parents to use the remaining funds in our account for a stipend for Spot. If they don’t go for that, I will suggest a goodbye gift for him. I fund-raised for our center, so part of that money came from my direct effort. I hope the other parents will back me up.

I also turned in my complaint yesterday with a letter describing the effect this decision had on the kids, parents and employees at the daycare. Attached to that was a numbered list of reasons why their “Zero Tolerance Policy” hurts their organization.

Ugh. Can I add Political Activist to my resume yet? I guess its just part of being a parent.

P.S. LB’s cough is definitely better today 🙂

P.P.S. If you would like to email the HR Director and let her know your opinion on this issue, or your personal experience with losing a good teacher, please do so at


11 thoughts on “Policy”

  1. That really sucks about the teacher… i agree it is completely uncalled for. Thats good that LB’s cough is better today. You should try those pediacare vapor plug ins. Thats awesome that you are trying to make a difference… HOPEFULLY the other parents will agree and back you up. Good luck hun!


  2. I hear you girl. I used to be the crusader at B’s preschool and now I am at her school. And her dance class, and her sports teams. All part of being a good mama right? I’m back checking out blogs. I’ve missed you all.


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