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The Knocked Up Effect

Examiner  Logo So, I thought I wasn’t going to get this gig due to my being 500+ miles away from Denver, but apparently, they can list any Colorado-based Examiner under Denver. So now I will be writing ANOTHER blog, on top of this one and this one.

I also submitted my formal complaint to Head Start this week. I talked to Spot’s girlfriend, and she said that parents were calling him in tears over what happened, so I think I’m going to start calling parents and getting them to write letters, or sign a petition I can submit. I also emailed the director of Head Start, who I met through my previous job. Maybe something will come out of this, maybe not. Maybe I will have to go in front of the board of directors. Who knows, I’m not scared.

For the first time in history, LB started crying when I left her at daycare today. The entire drive, she kept asking me, “Is Spot back? Is Spot back?” I don’t know how I can explain this to a 2-year-old. Its just wrong.

The weekend was nice; felt like spring,  though I too depressed to do much. I did laundry, sat on the couch and ate leftover KFC for breakfast. Watching America’s Next Top Model reruns in my state of mind was stupid. It took me all day to pick out something to wear I didn’t feel fat in. Stupid TV. Stupid KFC.

For an intriguing article I plan to discuss on the Examiner, click here. Apparently, they are calling my breed of single motherhood the “Knocked Up” effect.


P.S. my new post at RMMB is up too:  


10 thoughts on “The Knocked Up Effect”

  1. Congrats on the examiner! Which column are you going to be doing? Let me know when you get up and running and I’ll add you to my links.

    Good luck on the Spot situation…that’s hard…


  2. Congrats on the Examiner! Can’t wait to read your article on the subject.

    Good luck on fighting the good fight! I do believe that, even though the end result wasn’t what I wanted when I went through this at KIPP, it was worth doing so I can say that at least I tried. I hope you get Spot back.


  3. Congrats on your new gig with The Examiner! That was quite an interesting article. Good luck with the situation with Spot. That is so hard to explain. I hope you get him back.


  4. Ooo… kudos on the extra writing gig! You are a phenom, you know that?
    I am looking forward to reading your take on the Knocked Up Effect. Any speculation as to the cause?


  5. Congrats on the Examiner!

    I hope something will happen with the daycare. If not, at least you’re doing everything you can. I hate leaving a crying toddler. Shiloh has not been happy for three weeks, since she started her new preschool. It’s hard.


  6. Congrats. Sorry to hear about Spot, Boo had a teacher she lost that way too. They wouldn’t disclose why they fired her though.

    It is hard when you find a good male role model and in a daycare setting that’s pretty rare.

    Good for you for using your voice!


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