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Single mom dreams

I’ve been taking Tylenol PM at night so I can endure the Strep Throat and get some rest.  Consequently, my dreams have been kooky.

I had this one about 2 days ago, so the details are a little fuzzy:

I dreamed something in my house broke, and my landlord called a handyman to fix it. He was an older man, about 50ish, with a kind face. He inspected my house, while I followed him around. He noticed that one of my plants was dying. He told me knew how to fix it. He then re-potted and pruned the leaves off of the plant, and it immediately started blossoming little yellow flowers. He was like the magic Handyman/Botanist.

This one was from Last night:

I dreamed I was leaving Durango. I was speeding down the highway in my car, headed south, I think for Mexico. LB wasn’t with me. I stop somewhere in Arizona, and I get a call from Rooferman. He says he can’t watch LB and he need to drop her off with me. I tell him I can’t, I’m in Arizona. He says, that’s ok, I’ll be there in an hour. I wait in a Truck-Stop parking lot, and about Midnight he rolls up. His truck is crammed full of people. Loud music is blasting. He opens the door and smoke starts pouring out. He hands LB to me, and she’s covered in filth.

I look at Rooferman, and his eyes are dilated. His hair is greasy, and his skin is smudged with dirt. He looks like he’s high on Meth. He hands me a piece of paper, saying “Here. Get this prescription filled for LB.”

LB doesn’t cry. Instead she is completely silent. She looks at me with big, scared eyes.  Rooferman turns and runs back to his truck. I say “Wait! I need the car seat!” He pushes people aside in his truck and pulls out a broken car seat, the seat belt dangling to the ground. “Here,” he says.

Then he gets back into his truck, peels out and drives off into the night. I am left standing with a broken car seat and a sick child in the middle of the Arizona desert.

A crying LB climbed into my bed at this point in the dream. She laid down next to me and started coughing. I rubbed her back until she fell asleep. Poor kid.

I wonder if Married moms have dreams like this?


15 thoughts on “Single mom dreams”

  1. Crazy dreams. I had one night before last of a tornado. I was at my parents and it was early morning and I looked out the window and saw it touch down a couple of roads over. My mom, brother, and I were in the house and watching where it went. Luckily, it went away from their house, but everything was destroyed further up the road and there was all kinds of debri around their place. It was really bizarre. Must be something in the air. Hope you’re feeling better!


  2. Yes married moms have strange dreams, too.

    Last night I dreamed that I went to my ex’s house (Rylee’s dad) and was talking to him about our child. He was angry with me b/c me and my new husband are going to have a baby together and he was upset b/c he still loved me (gag). So I told him that he could be in Rylee’s life or he could just sign over his rights so that my husband can adopt her. He said that was fine, he didnt’ want to see her anymore.

    So I chased him around his house crying asking him why he didn’t want to see her and what had she done to deserve this. Then I got on the phone and called his girlfriend to “tell on him” for not wanting anything to do with Rylee.

    While I waited for her to call me back I moped around his single-wide trailer and noticed that he had a dishwasher and that I really wanted one. Finally, I was at my house when they three-way called me and his girlfriend told me that he was an idiot and he really did want to spend more time with Rylee, considering he hasn’t seen her in 3 years and all he’s done is party and drink. That he was going to straighten up and that she would even help pay child support if they got to see Rylee more.

    I woke up this morning laughing my butt off. What a strange night.


  3. Before I finally got an answer back from Anna’s dad about this full vs joint legal custody thing (which, I should add, he did finally respond to me to let me know that he’d be willing to give me full legal), I had a crazy dream about trying to talk to him about it.

    There were quite a few people in this huge house, and I kept trying to find time to talk to him about his plans on being a more involved father. Every time I tried to pull him aside for a conversation, his girlfriend would get in the way. Ugh! It was so annoying! I can’t remember if we ever had our talk, and I don’t think he even has a girlfriend in real life (not like he’d tell me anyway).

    I’ve actually had a lot of dreams involving him getting a girlfriend and me being really upset and jealous about the whole situation (although most of those dreams happened while I was pregnant, which was a time when both of us were a lot more back and forth about our feelings for each other).


  4. Well, I’ve often heard that dreams are often there to help us work out whatever is going on/problems that we are dealing with in our real life.

    I don’t know about magical handyman/botantist (The obvious is maybe you feel your life needs some fixing up in some areas and a maybe someone is going to show up to help you figure that all out…)

    But as for the Roofie dreams, it’s almost an exact representation of what goes on in your life sometimes! The getting LB back dirty, with dirty diapers, etc. They just bailed the other day due to the death, and in the dream they bailed….

    Of course, I don’t know EVERYTHING that goes on in your life, but think about how the dreams might relate. It might just be as obvious as you think!


  5. The handyman/botonist was there to fix the broken and prune that which was dead to bring forth the healthy and the living. Nice. Now who’s the handyman? YOU! (probably) 😉

    The other dream, yeah; I’m pretty sure many single moms have dreams of that nature.

    Hang in there and remember your quote from yesterday. I love it and I need to remember it too!


  6. I think any parent has nightmares and dreams along those lines. They don’t make sense and they make your heart hurt and they make you frantic to make sure your children are okay when you wake up. I hope they pass soon.


  7. That dream was not fun to read. It is true that dreams are trying to tell us something but I wish we could figure out what. I got the Roofie leaving you guys hanging because that’s what has happened, sounds like someone who can help. This has already been said I have nothing pertinent to add. I would imagine some married moms have dreams like this. I suppose it depends on how their relationship is going…


  8. I’ve had some ridiculously, what I think are stress induced, dreams lately.
    The latest?
    I dreamt Jamie and I had a baby and gave it to his sister and brother-in-law.
    Not for any particular reason, just because.

    I thought it was pretty strange!


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