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Sick as a dog

I didn’t go to work today. Instead I got diagnosed with Strep Throat, and spent the day popping antibiotics and ibuprofen while cold sweating on the couch.

LB’s cough is still pretty rank, and last week, yours truly got suckered into entering her in a photo contest. Yes, we have an appointment with a real photographer tomorrow and I am NOT missing it because I already paid my measly 10 dollar entry fee. So Strep-Throat-Single-Mama will be dragging Croupy-Cough-Runny-Nose-Toddler to what should be a quite an fun interesting time.

At this point in my life, I can only resort to maniacal laughter.

Roofie called to say they had a death in the family last night, so they couldn’t pick up LB from daycare. Last week, I would have been sad and offered my condolences. This week, I’ve become too jaded to even be shocked. Perhaps news of a multiple pregnancy or a mission to Mars is next on their agenda.

Another random thing: I got a call from my egg donation agency, informing me that a third couple is interested in my DNA. Apparently, the doctor who did the retrieval this last time personally recommended me to another couple in his office.

As flattering and exciting as that may be, I feel a little taut right now. Like I’m ready to be shot into the outer stratosphere. Like my internal organs and emotional sanity could be shredded in a second. I really just need a moment to process everything, but my throat feels like its burning a hole in my neck, and I need to get to sleep.

A sick day really isn’t a sick day when you’re living your own Oxygen Reality Show. Did I just say that? Gag.

Nite all.


8 thoughts on “Sick as a dog”

  1. Hey sweetie…..finally had a chance to read and catch-up….I’m so sorry that you huys have the bug that’s clearly circulating North America!

    Butthead is CLEARLY not shocking us with his lack-of-genius and I’m really sorry that you are having to deal with him…stay strong.

    Another couple is interested in your donation because clearly YOU ROCK!

    LB is so adorable! Of course she’ll knock the photographers socks off and one day become a superstar!

    …..and I hope you guys feel better REALLY SOON!


  2. LB will rock the photo shoot…can’t wait to see the pics. Feel better and that is pretty awesome that someone else is considering you for an egg donation, even if you decide it won’t work for you right now.


  3. I just had a lightning bolt: you’ve been beating yourself up over letting Roofie get the best of you, but you have had months of bizarro hormones coursing through your body because of the most recent donation. Possible that you’re feeling blue and more than angry because of the hormones? While I certainly think you should be flattered that the doctor recommended you to another couple, and lord knows the money is good, would it be better for you to let your body recover fully and let your situation settle down a bit before embarking on that again? Just worried about your health and sanity.


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