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Clarity stings.

Here’s Annie Ortelee’s astrological horoscope for today:

Friday is a great day for getting things done and out the door. Some of the volatility of the past few days has abated and Venus wants to dispel or discharge the excess energy. She may be feeling a bit tuckered out from all the energy moving through her the past few days. Her trine to Neptune feeds her a bit of fuel and her last aspect to Mars ensures that whatever has happened since 2:46 pm EDT Wednesday is all for the greater evolution and good for all. Might sting a bit but aren’t you clearer? Probably hurt but NOW you know what you want to do. Maybe didn’t want to but now you get it.

Pretty much sums up my week in a nutshell. What did you learn this week that wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience?

P.S. I did go to my lawyer’s office at noon just in case. I told him what had happened and he shook his head.

“Pathetic. He’s a grown man and he can’t even have a civilized conversation.”

….Or spell the word P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N.



5 thoughts on “Clarity stings.”

  1. I had to laugh at the last line!
    Unfortunately, I didn’t learn anything nice or good. I learned I have even more obligations and responsibilities towards the girls than I thought last week. I learned that the world won’t stop for me to have the breakdown I so deserve. I learned that I’m even more broke than I thought I was. I learned that even the most well-intentioned and impassioned pleas on behalf of average American will be met with hatred and non-sensical defenses.


  2. Incredible how dead on horoscopes can be. I didn’t really learn anything, but I keep thinking there is something I should have learned…maybe it will become clearer to me later. Absolutely ridiculous about Roofie, and frighteningly similar to what I dealt with. Sending you good vibes, hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Well the week is done! You can re-charge over the weekend and start again on monday 🙂

    My not-so pleasant thing – long-distance relationships are hard and not so much fun 😦


  4. What did I learn this week that wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience?
    That you can’t make someone love you the way you need them to.

    And it sucks.


  5. What did I learn this week that wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience?

    Hmmm. That just because I finally found someone who is actually interested in me and gets along well with Kaleb, does not mean that they are the fated future husband. *sigh* The search continues. Haha.

    Hopefully we learn fun stuff next week.


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