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Tree Boy

Email from my mother:

Ok, you have to meet the guy who removed the tree stumps from my backyard. He owns his own business, is really cute, very polite, and he volunteers at the Humane Society in his free time! I couldn’t bring myself to ask if he’s got a girlfriend. He’s going to do some work for Curmudge. Maybe she can see if he’s single?

Email from Curmudge, after jokingly FWDing my mom’s message to her:

I don’t know him very well, but my husband does. I’ll ask him.

Email from Curmudge’s hubby:

He’s very attractive, quietly confident and polite but definitely light hearted and easy going. I instantly liked him when I met him at the bank and still think he’s a great guy. I have no idea if he is single or not. His business phone number is _________. We might have him out to take out a couple trees at our house this spring so maybe you can just happen to come by to help move branches out of the yard. I can get the BBQ going after the trees are down and treat him and my “helpers” to lunch. 😉

Alrighty then. No clue who this guy is. Never even seen him. Apparently flirtateous mother match-making forces are at work here. Definitely NOT going to stalk his work number, I’ve learned my lesson with Sushi Boy.

Oh, and supposedly, he looks a little like you know who. Don’t know how I feel about that.


7 thoughts on “Tree Boy”

  1. Oh boy! lol Definitely let us know how this whole matchmaking thing goes!

    And I like your little cosmic ID poll over there —> I am 100% Sagittarius. Everything I read about the sign is exactly like me. (Although, I’ve also seen that I’m really an Ophiuchus? But I don’t know much about that)

    Anna is an Aries. Yay fire signs! (And her dad is off on his own as a Gemini)


  2. hahaha this is funny in a mother sort of way! My mom does crap like this too – usually the boy is about as cute as George Bush!

    But who knows 🙂 Its sweet they are trying tho


  3. You should definitely listen to your mother and your friends, they seem to be very wise. BTW, of course we will supply beer if you help us move branches;) We still have his business card…


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