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Venus in Retrograde

I’ve posted about Mercury in Retrograde and the technological blips it brings to our lives. Cell phones drop calls, email accounts are down, phone companies have to restore service frequently, and general communicative hell breaks lose. Don’t worry kids, Mercury is far from Retrograde at the moment. Instead, our lovely planet Venus will be playing the sadistic role of Lady Macbeth.

Venus, being the “womanly” planet, rules emotions, families and relationships. When Venus is in retrograde, our emotions are thrown for a loop. We change our minds about how we feel, we have old boyfriends return to haunt us. Annie Ortelee described it extremely well by saying Venus in Retrograde causes a state of PMS in the world. Here’s her description of the Astrological weather in the next month:

And now we are going to have Venus pitch a hissy fit, a royal temper tantrum, for 40 days, in a sign she simply hates to hang out in. As my mother would say, “I don’t NEED this right now!” Well, ready or not, here it comes.


I find it ironic that Venus is in Retrograde for the upcoming 40 days. Isn’t Lent going on right now too? Maybe we are all PMSing because we have given up our favorite food, our chocolate, our cigarettes, our alcohol. Just when we want to indulge in our PMS-curing elixirs, we CAN’T DAMMIT.

So for all you ladies out there, I’m sorry. Venus is pissed, which in turn will make us pissed, which will in turn make our boyfriends/husbands/fiances/fathers/male co-workers pissed. Don’t be too upset if you get into it with your significant other, because after April 16, all will go back to emotional normalcy.

Plus, our boys have it coming when Mars goes into Retrograde in December. Be on the look out for male PMS during Christmas, when the real Grinch comes out.

For all of you in custody battles, Venus in retrograde gives us the opportunity to re-hash all the details. Things aren’t working? Now is the time to fix it. Legal contracts should be carefully evaluated and perfected during this time. The mother bear is coming out in all us females, and what better place to utilize the energy than fighting for your kids in a court room, right?

Well bring it, cause the world is going to be more than little scared of our raging hormones in the next 40 days.

For more on Venus in Retrograde, click here.


8 thoughts on “Venus in Retrograde”

  1. That definitely explains a lot right now! Everything about Anna’s dad and his family is pissing me off even though nothing has changed. I wasn’t happy about some things with the custody agreement, but I never had the nerve to let her dad know about it (I’m such a pushover). Well, just last week I became so pissed that I contacted him and let him know we needed to talk things over before he’s sent overseas (in April).

    And right now I’m dealing with biological PMS + astrological PMS… oh joy!


  2. If my sign (scorpio) is ruled by Pluto, and Pluto is no longer recognized as a planet, WTH does that mean for me?


    I love the astrological insight you give us from time-to-time (as in this post).


  3. OH LOL!

    THIS describes my day yday – I am fine – but everyone around me seems pissy – things arent going wrong as such but there does appear to be tension!


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