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Band Names

I may have mentioned that my dad is a musician. At 55, he’s never been lucky enough to hit the big time, but living in a small town, you get to be somewhat of a big fish.  My dad is a mediumfish in Durango. He’s like a very eccentric, peace-loving Tuna.  He’s also been a character actor of career paths throughout his life, but deep down, he’s always going to be a songwriter.

When I was in high school, trolling main street in small packs of fellow teenagers, I’d sometimes see my dad’s flyers posted. Lurking in the shadows of the coffeshop announcement board, there would be a shoddily designed piece of paper, blatantly showing my dad’s lack of computer skills. I’d try to disappear when boys would tease me about my dad’s latest band name.

Beartown. Lawnmower. Das Samba. Shades of Blue.

My dad had a different band for every musical phase of his inspired Aquarian soul. I selfishly started fantasizing about future band names that wouldn’t expose my family name to public mockery. As soon as my dad’s latest band dissolved, I’d start hinting at  names I’d carefully constructed for him. He’d usually laugh at me.

almost 10 years later, and I still catch myself daydreaming about names for bands.  Today, I was working and came across a course title  from the University of Wyoming:

Varsity Rodeo

I think it would be a good name for a country band.



6 thoughts on “Band Names”

  1. I used to have this habit as well. I’d randomly hear things and put them together and think “Hmm .. ya know that sounds like a great band name”

    Now I walk around dreaming up of baby names. It’s like an itch. A crazy obsession!


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