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Email poem

My friend emailed me this, and I kinda liked it. Do you have a pair of Armed Robbery boots?

What she was wearing

by Denver Butson


“This is my suicide dress,” she told him. “I only wear it on days

when I’m afraid I might kill myself if I don’t wear it.”


“You’ve been wearing it every day since we met,” he said.


“And these are my arson gloves.”


“So you don’t set fire to something?” he asked.


“Exactly. And this is my terrorism lipstick, my assault and battery eyeliner, my armed robbery boots.”


“I’d like to undress you,” he said. “But would that make me an accomplice?”


“Today, I’m wearing my infidelity underwear, so don’t get any ideas.”


And she put on her nervous breakdown hat and walked out the door.


6 thoughts on “Email poem”

  1. I love it! Where do you get one of those nervous breakdown hats? I think I might need one (or two!)

    I’m way behind on reading (again…still!) but I’m catching up. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you some link love today. Your Roofie saga is seriously making me think about my Ex and how our future is going to play out!

    If you get a minute, drop me a line at wondermom.picking.up.the.pieces at I don’t have an e-mail address for you and wanted to ask you about a couple of things privately.


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