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My Apartment

I’m hosting my first event at my new apartment tonight. What’s the theme do you ask? Well, its Oscar night baby! I didn’t go to film school for nothing, ya’ll. Hopefully I won’t shame myself by losing “pick the Oscar winners” game.

My new apartment has about 800 more square feet than my old apartment, which means I can actually fit more than 3 people inside. In fact, I’ve been struggling to fill the space, so it doesn’t look so bare. I hate white walls, so I usually resort to hanging anything I can find on them. LB currently has her own art gallery on an entire wall, while I’ve hung a sarong on the opposite one.

My apartment is the entire upstairs of a house. On the first floor is an rockin’ hippie preschool/daycare, complete with a mural they paint every month to switch up the dramatic play themes. They have paper mache trees with toy monkeys swinging from the branches. I share the kitchen, which mean no dishes left in the sink or dishwasher, a clean stove and counters wiped by the next morning. Its tough, but it’ll be good for me.

My bedroom used to have a jacuzzi in it, so it still has the weird circular ceiling lights you find at spas. I also have a skylight right above my bed, as well as sliding glass doors going out to the awesome wrap-around porch. The bathroom used to be a master bathroom, so there’s a His & Her (now an LB & Me) sink setup, a separate shower and bath tub, and actual lights above the mirror.

My living room also has sliding glass doors that lead to the porch. I really can’t explain how much I’m looking forward to summer on that deck. The walk-in closet is off the living room, which means I walk through the house in my skivvies in the morning to get dress, but HEY that’s the beauty of being a single mom. Also, the walk-in closet is big enough to count as a 3rd bedroom. My landlord said her previous tenant actually put a mattress in there.

I have venetian blinds. I have an on-site preschool for LB (eventually). Daycare is a 2 minute drive. Work is another 5 minutes. The toddler park is within walking distance, not that we need to go anywhere with the playground in our backyard. I have cable, which I guiltily sat and watched for almost 5 hours straight my first Sunday alone. I have Internet. LB still has her own room. I’m paying less than I was for “income based” housing. I keep pinching myself, wondering how I stumbled upon this amazing deal.

Thanks for everyone’s happy thoughts. I feel like Peter Pan himself right now. Are you watching the Oscars? Don’t you want to see if Heath Ledger will accept a Best Supporting Actor Award from the grave?



10 thoughts on “My Apartment”

  1. That’s awesome! I had my own Oscar day, too. I did pretty well at picking the winners, except that I thought Micky Rourke was gonna win. But I had a lot of fun watching it – and Hugh Jackman thoroughly entertained us.


  2. Your apartment sounds AMAZING!
    I pay $1300 plus utilities and it’s pretty crummy..
    I’m a little bit jealous lol
    I might have to come hang out on your porch this summer…


  3. So glad to hear the new place is so great. I’m with you on the summer. I’m a little over the snow and it’s only happened here twice. Yay for Heath Ledger! Yay for the great new place where you can fit more than 3 people 🙂


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