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Tree of Happiness

Being completely out of it, I forgot to give thanks to UndertheBigBlueSky for giving me this award. She bestowed the award over a month ago, so pooh on me. I’m in limbo here, trying to dig myself out of Vacation/Me Time/Urban Mode and return to Working/Single Mom/Rural mode, so here’s the 6 things that made me happy while I was in San Fransisco.

  1. The Anime haircut I got from the random all-Asian-employed salon I stumbled upon. My sylist went a little crazy with my hair, declaring “You have light skin. You need highlights.” I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in Durango with Fushigi Yugi inspired hair.’
  2. Watching a group of 10+ surfers riding the wake of stormy seas under the Golden Gate bridge. As a child of the Endless Summer, it tickled me pink.
  3. Riding the subway. Its been almost 5 years since I left Boston and its beloved “T” system. There’s something freeing about getting from point A to point B with nothing more than a ticket and your pair of feet.
  4. Getting a name, googling directions and tracking down a restaurant in Chinatown, all from a comment on my blog. Thanks, Fellow Piscean, Hunan Homes was an absolute delight to my taste buds.
  5. The box of Chocolates that was left in my hotel room with a card, signed by management, thanking me for staying with them on Valentines Day.
  6. The fertility clinic, which was able to retrieve 19 follicles from both of my ovaries. With luck, that will be enough to survive In Vitro, transfer and implantation and will provide my recipient couple with a positive pregnancy test in the upcoming weeks.

6 thoughts on “Tree of Happiness”

  1. April- I totally thought of you when I attempted to get tickets to see “Wicked.” Unfortunately, they were $200, but hey thanks for sparking my interest with your shining review of the play. I miss theater.


  2. OMG it sounds like you had some much deserved fun! I can’t wait to see the anime haircut! I bet you look hot hot hot 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Anytime you want another break you can come join us… you won’t have to pay for a hotel or food… you and LB both!
    As for your other post, I am sorry Roofie were so horrible. Good idea to get a doctor’s note, there is no way they can overrule a doctor (or anyone with that much education and specialization). I really hope things get better so you can enjoy everything more. So did you move into your new apartment yet? I am so excited to hear about it!!!
    Miss you lots xoxooxox!


  3. I’m glad you had fun 🙂 I absolutely LOVE riding the subway, especially in NYC because I had only seen them in movies before. (I think I even took a video on my camera of the train coming into the station because that’s how cool it was for me)


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