single mom


Court is this Friday. Lawyerdude emailed me to say he actually got Rooferman into his office and needs to meet with me tonight. I guess that’s either really good news or really bad news. I still need to write about my new place, but I have too much on my mind.

I’m starting to get that “too good to be true” feeling of dread. New job/better pay, new apartment/less rent, egg donation going well, I can’t help but wonder if I’m about to wake up from this dream. Maybe one day I will be able to just let myself enjoy the good things, but today, I all I can think about is my meeting with Lawyerdude.

Again, too busy to really blog anymore.
Sorry 😦


12 thoughts on “Meeting”

  1. Strangely enough I think that everyone is crazy busy right now…now worries angel.

    As for court…my fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes…all crossed! (let me tell you, it’s darn hard getting through the day with all that crossed!!!!! LOL )


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