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I went to bed at 9:30 last night, and woke up totally recharged. For some reason, these “tummy” episodes only last for about 24 hours, occurring every 4-6 weeks or so. I’m getting a little more concerned because they are getting closer together and are more intense. Time for another trip to the Primary Physician, eh? Too bad my new insurance doesn’t kick in for a month.

I’m rocking work today. I feel like I got my second wind. They threw me right into a really complicated, research-based project, with multiple institutions, and very little information to compare it to. How nice of them to test me on my 3rd day. It took me all morning to complete it, but damn did I feel good after I did. I really have to experience things, (mistakes, errors, setbacks, successes) to fully learn them. Reading the instructions only get you so far.

Going from deathlike to stoaked  in 24 hours is kind of normal for me. I chalk most of it up to Astrology (of course!). People think I’m strong, but I think its because I’m a mutable sign.

Here’s your astrology lesson today:

Each astrological sign is either Mutable, Fixed or Cardinal.

Mutable Signs:  Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces

Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

Mutable signs are adaptable to new surroundings, and don’t have much trouble interacting with new people. They deal with change well, and are flexible and resourceful. They have lots of different interests, and may seem flaky and unpredictable. They change their minds a lot, and for the most part, are pretty laid back.

Fixed signs resist change. They like things the way they like them. They usually order the same thing off the menu (ok, this may just be Jiji and JL, my Leo friends). They get frustrated when things are unpredictable. They like order and accountability. They are stubborn and don’t like it when their feathers are ruffled. But they can always be counted on, and are completely faithful to loved ones. They provide stability.

Cardinal signs are signs of change itself. They are the spark of inspiration that get people motivated. They are ambitious and flexible, passionate and loving. Basically, the best of both worlds. Cardinal directions are the major points where everything else is based off. They are North, South, East and West. They are the Equinoxes and the Solstices. They get things started and they end things. They are deal makers and deal breakers.

Obviously, there’s more to your personality than how you deal with change, but sometimes I like to think about this aspect.

 Do you think any of these qualities describe you?


19 thoughts on “Mutability”

  1. I’m an aries and yeah, that’s pretty accurate for me. FG is aquarius and that rings pretty true for him too!

    Glad you’re feeling better and enjoying the new job…keep up the good work…it’s time for some good things to come into your life!


  2. I’m Scorpio and that totally describes the way I view change. And I always order the same things when eating out. Very boring. 🙂

    Glad work is going well for you today.


  3. I’m exactly like Liz. Sigh. 🙂

    Except for BIG change. I used to be a lot more adaptable to change–and all the little stuff in a day, week, month, whatever I can take in stride. But the BIG life decisions? The BIG changes? I just change my mind a million times before I decide whether or not I want to do the big change. Once I do it, I’m fine with it, but getting there is a journey.

    In fact, this is one of the thinks I’d like to talk to my therapist–the inability to make decisions for fear of the unkonwn. Or maybe my PSYCHIC.


  4. Hmmmm…being a sag def. means mutable and that has it’s downfalls…like some people thinking I’m a bit of a flake….sure I can ‘seem’ that way, but if you look twice you can see the wheels turning a mile a minute….


  5. I’m a taurus, and that description made me laugh because it is just SO EXACTLY ME. Congrats on the new job. And go ahead make yourself an appointment now for when that insurance kicks in…sometimes Primary Care docs book way out, and you shouldn’t have to wait any longer than necessary! (I’m a medical secretary…don’t mean to sound preachy!) 😉


  6. I am soo glad work is going so well! That is such awesome news!

    I have said it before and I will say it again! I am Aries and whatever is written about Aries – I AM! Goes for this too 🙂


  7. I’m a Leo, my sun is in Leo, but my moon is in Gemini. I would probably have to say that my personality is fixed, although a lot has changed since I met pisceshanna in 9th grade (Republican Christian to a Democrat Spiritual Liberal). I do like routine and some notice that things are going to change. Unfortunately, I’ve had to be mutable to my environment consider I moved 28x in my life (10x in one year) and working in a unpredictable workplace.


  8. i’m so Libra it’s ridiculus… even though i don’t believe it… another totally libra trait.

    give yourself some credit girl, my Scales say you balance out as awesome.


  9. This is all very insightful. Well once again I think I display both sides. The Taurus side would explain why I stayed where I did for so long. I am still an Aries and quite passionate about what I believe in. My mom’s a Leo and Jayson’s dad is a Scorpio. That explains a lot. My son is a Virgo so that makes me feel good 🙂

    Way to kick butt at work in the first week and so glad to see you are feeling better


  10. Yup are picky little Leos aren’t we? =) I would say that I do like order, but am laid back enough to let others take the lead too. I am totally stubborn about a lot of things and definitely have my opinions, but I do like change too. Totally interesting how astrology figures into pretty much everything. On a different note, I’m so happy that your job is going good ! Love you!


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