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2 days left

Sorry I’m late on my post today. I’m working on something  for Rocky Mountain Moms blog, so that should be up soon. Kori just posted her first one too! I spent an hour on the phone with my egg donation attorney, making sure I understand the legal issues surrounding this complicated process, and damn, I forgot how insane it is! A 16-page contract on an embryo that doesn’t even exist yet.

I went to check out an apartment in town during my lunch break. Did I mention its a second floor space above a preschool? Yeah, the landlord runs her own 2-4 year old center, and could most definitely slide LB into her class if I moved in. She’s rented to single moms before and she said they were her best tenants.

She says to me, “I’m getting a really good vibe about you.” Yeah. Total hippie.

She’s also $200 cheaper than the new daycare center at my new job. What’s better than having daycare at the worksite? Being able to come home and pick your daughter up at the same time. The backyard is a playground. The apartment has a wrap-around porch. All utilities are included in the rent, even cable and internet.

I pay $757.00 for “low income housing” and it doesn’t include utilities. How much is the rent on this new place? $800 a month. I feel like someone hit me in the head with a frying pan.

The only problem: I re-signed a year lease back in November. I have an appointment to schmooze my property manager tomorrow. Maybe she will give me a break because I haven’t trashed my place. Compared to my train wreck of a next door neighbor, the domestic violence couple, and the alcoholic squaters across the way, I’m a saint of a renter.

Two more days of public education and I’m moving on up. My new boss called me today to fill out some paperwork and said, “So are you as excited as we are?”

Aw shucks.

Other than that, its full blown chaos in my office. I think people are starting to realize that my job is a whole lot more complicated than it looks. I’m exhausted, explaining things to my poor co-workers and watching the exasperation overcome their faces.

“You’re responsible for THAT TOO?” One said to me, throwing her hands up.

Maybe I’ve been too nice in my last 20 months on the job, because all my “acquired” tasks are now being distributed to other people. They aren’t happy. I wouldn’t be either.


12 thoughts on “2 days left”

  1. Yo, your new digs sound perfect! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get the place and the child care slot. So, doing the math, you are basically going to be saving like $300 a month by NOT living in “low-income” housing? On top of the raise you got with the new job?
    How much sense does that make?
    Regardless, GOOD FOR YOU. Also, isn’t it sickly nice to have people realize how much work you do as you are walking out the door?


  2. Oh, what a great, great post. I am not surprised-I feel your good vibes from here, man. I am going to look at a house tonight after work; may we both be lucky. You sound good-and I can’t wait to read oyur RMMB post!


  3. Good luck with everything. That sounds like a great place. I hope that meeting goes well with the property manager.

    There is a lot involved with egg donation. And also enjoy your last two days at work 🙂 Isn’t it so nice to be needed?


  4. sometimes if they can re-rent the apt fairly quickly they may cut you a deal.. it sounded like they had a lot of interest in those apartments right? Well, good luck with that! I’ll be crossing my fingers..


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