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Julie & Ann

Astrologer Julie Demboski added me to her blogroll, so I’m going to pay her a little tribute by sharing her thoughts on the current situation under the planets.

I talked about the craziness of this past week, the full moon in Cancer we just experienced last Sunday, and the general discord people are feeling. Both Jenn and Little Country Girl blogged about feeling lonely recently. Under The Big Blue Sky  looked at her house and felt irritable and disorganized.  Heather,  Single Working Mommy and WonderMom are all dealing with sick kids and stressful situations with the ex. Liz, 1976Remixed AND Laura  had to password protect their posts.

 To throw a chery on top, all of us single moms have to hear the souless, usless, vindictive, asinine comments by Ann C. (You all know her real name, but I don’t want to give her anymore hits on Google).

Julie Demboski says the Universe is testing us. Great, you’re thinking, haven’t I been tested enough? When I read this, I immediately thought of Kori, and the unspeakable situation her family is currently weathering.

Julie says:

How will we respond when confronted with something crushing, to our hopes, to the plans and goals of someone we love, to the life circumstances presented? How will we deal with a worst-case-scenario that we always thought would somehow be avoided? And we must understand something right at the start: what’s being tested is the standard of our own attitudes and beliefs, the relationship we have internally with the Universe; it’s not a test imposed from the outside, though the externals embody challenges particular to each of us as individuals. Who are we, and where do we go, in a spiritual sense, when trials come? This is the test.

I thought of Kori, and the amazing strength she is showing the universe right now. How a weaker person might crumble in her place. I thought of Heather’s hellish Christmas day, and am so blown away by the grace she handled the situation with.

As far as the “Blame Single Moms for Crime” insanity, I must say that that I’m extremely impressed and proud of the response our blogging community has voiced. If the Universe is testing us by bringing bigotry and stereotypes to light, then I applaud our collective single mom reaction.  Our kids are not “future strippers” as Ms. Ann professes. She is lucky enough to have a front row seat to witness the amazing generation of kids being strengthened, educated, prepared and loved by wise single moms.

Julie D. says these years will not be easy. We are all facing our own personal test, and we single moms must face that test alone with a child in tow. Our tests are harder, longer and we have more to lose than the hyper-conservative, Species-like, childless being who so harshly criticizes us.

I think I speak for all single moms. We’re used to tests. We’re used to criticism. We’re smart and resourceful. We don’t expect things to be easy. If anyone can survive the Saturn/Uranus Conjunction and the venomous words of Miss Ann with grace and solidarity, we’re your gals.


9 thoughts on “Julie & Ann”

  1. Wow. I’ve been feeling crazy lately too… but have somehow managed to rise above the madness. But it’s only Friday – home sick with Benjamin (missed TWO days of work this week) and we have two more alone at home to go…

    It’s hard.

    But knowing the moon is against us right now is helpful… thanks sweet stuff.


  2. Loved this post, especially your last paragraph. I too blogged about Ms. Ann the day of her dreadful interview with Matt Lauer. I was so hot I had the post up within an hour of the interview! It’s clear she set all of us single moms off with her words. Like you said, if anyone can handle it, we can.


  3. I loved this post too.

    And I’m actually ultimately happy that the Ms. Ann situation occured … it made me realize how much I really enjoy being a single parent and how proud I am to be a part of the single parent community. I’ve just recently started seeking out single parent blogs and the ‘connection’ I’ve been feeling has given me a newfound excitement for life.

    Thanks for the link to Julie’s blog – will have to check that out : )


  4. This is such a brilliant post!!! Thank you!!

    I really cant say anything else – you said it all 🙂

    I like this though – it makes total sense to me!!

    “what’s being tested is the standard of our own attitudes and beliefs, the relationship we have internally with the Universe”


  5. Well said. I love what you say about single moms being used to the tests and not expecting things to be easy. We’re strong. We’ll make it. Hope things are better for all of us soon.


  6. Thanks, pisceshanna!

    I’ve heard it said that being a Mom is the toughest job in the world, but I think being a single Mom is the toughest job ever–and it’s the job I see women doing, over and over, with no training and little support, and consistently turning out smart, compassionate, wonderful people.

    As to Ann C. I wouldn’t worry about her–the way to starve that is to be indifferent–so I am!

    Again, thanks!

    Julie D.


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