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Something is in the air this week. My co-worker’s grandmother-in-law died on Tuesday night. My other co-worker’s pastor’s house burned down yesterday. My boss got a call from one of the preschool teachers, threatening  to walk out of her classroom due to a little girl screaming and locking herself in the bathroom for over an hour. There’s been an outbreak of Pertussis at two different schools.

My office also received 2 expulsion notices in the last 24 hours. Apparently 2 more are coming in today. 4 kids expelled in a week? That may be peanuts to a big city district, but to a po-dunk town in Colorado, that’s ridiculous. We’ve only had 5 expulsions total this year.

As for me? I’m having intense bouts of déjà vu. I used to only get the feeling once every 6 months or so, but now its starting to happen at least once a month. I’ve had two episodes in this week alone. Once while I was reading a blog! Its probably all in my head, and I’m sure everyone gets déjà vu pretty frequently, but sometimes it totally freaks me out.

Sometimes I will stop talking in the middle of a sentence and ask someone “Did I already tell you this?” Maybe I just have isolated brain damage from my drug-infusedless virtuous years. Yeah, that’s probably it. Déjà vu is just the holes in my brain matter.

So I started doing some research on Déjà vu (which of course begins with wikipedia) and found that some scientists think that its linked to “improper electrical discharge” in the brain. Which makes a lot of sense, because I usually experience a minor jerking spasm right before falling asleep ( a common side-effect).

The hippie/astrology-obessessed/tarot-card-reading side of me thinks that maybe I’m trying to decode some message the universe is showing me, or that I’m remembering dreams. This is why I try to keep a dream journal.

Mostly I think it has to do with memory, and how our memories are stored. Maybe we think we forget certain things, but really its still stored somewhere in our brain until an experience suddenly triggers that “forgotten” memory. Maybe its a combination of dreams, signs, memory and brain damage.

Maybe I’m just mental.

What do you think? Do you have Déjà vu frequently? Do you think its some kind of hippie-ju-ju or more scientific?


14 thoughts on “Mental”

  1. I do get deja vu a lot. Then again, my life is filled with routines, so it may just seem like Groundhog Day 🙂
    I don’t know. My curiosity about it is too mild to speculate.


  2. It’s more fun to think of it in the hippie ju-ju sense, isn’t it?

    Huh, there was a recent outbreak of Pertussis near me,too. Weird.

    Sorry everything is all whacked out…hope the universe straightens out for you soon…


  3. I actually do that alot – that “did I already tell you” thing. I just thought I was forgetful of what I had told people??

    I dont think though that all these things can be explained away by science!!! I think there is more to it than that!


  4. I do the spasm thing before I fall asleep, too, and I have deja vu. Since I like the way it feels, I just accept it. Maybe it is the years of drinking, ha ha. Things have been happening oddly here, too, restless nights and bad dreams and odd happenenings to LOTS of people I know, not just me.


  5. I get deja vu a lot. Sometimes I have dream deja vu in which I am CERTAIN that I dreamt this exact thing. Like you I see two sides the coin. My brain might be playing tricks on me, or it is the Universe trying to tell me something. I think when I have deja vu it is telling me that I am on the right path. I tend to have more deja vu when I am stressed or in a weird transition time. Either way, listen to yourself. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell you that everything is going to be ok and that you are prepared for the changes coming in your life.


  6. Totally with you on the deja vu thing. WTF! Like anything, it can be chalked up to spiritual forces or some totally explainable scientific phenomenon. I’m more into the irrational explanations, myself 🙂

    You totally made me laugh with the picture of Wayne. Thank you!!


  7. I really am a firm believer in the spiritual side of these random phenomenon. I get deja vu too, not very often but wow is it amazing when it happens!

    I’m curious to know, do you ever see 11:11? (if so let me know and I’ll explain)


  8. I haven’t had any deja vu experiences lately but I was pretty forgetful…

    As for the kids being expelled, it’s pretty high around these parts too. Interesting.


  9. Maybe it’s the astrological storm a brewing that has kids acting out and you doing the deja vu. Saturn is opposing Uranus, so you get structure in conflict with revolution. Depending on child’s chart, that could be hitting some sensitive spots. With Mars just conjoining Pluto, its higher octave, you have another aspect of explosiveness and transformation
    For deja vu, do consider Mercury Retrograde since Jan 11. It is about communication, and the mind, and reviewing. Maybe your sense of deja vu is stronger at this time than during regular astrological weather. A lot of times, we are so busy rushing around and planning for the future we don’t have time to hear our inner voices. Merc rx helps us catch up with ourselves, and I would speculate that would be when you can tap the authentic if you can let the voice find its way out.


  10. Deja Vu! Something changed in The Matrix. 😉

    I actually don’t get that a lot, putting some thought into it. I always know when I’ve had it, you get that odd feeling of having been there done that already.


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