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2-Week notice

I’m in 2-week notice limbo. After the initial panic, my boss gathered her wits and asked me to write a list of everything I do on a daily basis, so she can see what type of person she wants to hire. Little did she know, the school district was not planning on hiring a replacement for me.

Did I mention that I’m an assistant to two other people as well as my “official” boss? Yeah, funny how that just happens when you are nice to people, and work within a physical proximity of their office. My job really is split almost 50/50 between two different departments now, and I’ve acquired a huge workload in the process.

Unfortunately, the school district’s budget is already in the red. They might as well send me a card saying “Thanks for donating your salary to our deficit! Happy Trails!” Not that my puny salary would put much of a dent in the thousands of dollars they are in debt, but I’m sure the Finance Department is eager to cover their asses with every little penny. My boss is thanking them with a big ole’ F*** U.

So they are attempting to “re-distribute” my workload across the entire department, and since everyone is walking on eggshells with the economy, nobody is going to complain about taking on extra work. They’re just thankful they have a job, while working under a new superintendent who has big ideas about changing how we run our district. I’d the say the mood in administration can be described as……meth-head paranoid tense.

No one is throwing eggs at me for leaving, even if it means they are going to be hella stressed with more work. I’ve received more hugs this week (amazing how fast gossip travels!) and lots of statements of “I’m going to miss you so much!” Since I’m on the outs, co-workers have no inhibitions about telling me what they really think of the school district. I’ve learned more about my boss and the director of the HR Department than I honestly wanted to know. I don’t have any many bad feelings about my almost 2-years here. I want to leave with a positive spin, not snarling “good riddance” over my shoulder as I walk out the door.

Most people tell me that they are happy for me, and if they were in my position, they would do the exact same thing. They tell me not to worry about my boss and the responsibilities I’m leaving for them to pick up. So, right now I’m trying to help them as much as possible, by writing out step by step instructions to all the programs I use, the location of all the files I guard, the phone numbers and databases I currently administer and basically anything else I can think of.

The biggest thing my boss and co-workers are upset about? Not being able to see my daughter on a regular basis anymore.

Of course.


11 thoughts on “2-Week notice”

  1. Didn’t you know? you were simply the vessel, and once she was born, you are only necessary in terms of being a driver to take her to see her adoring fans. Get used to it, because it doesn’t change, lol.


  2. Maybe it’s all part of the master plan that you get this great new job right now. It sounds like it might not have been long before your postion with the school district was eliminated, if they’re doing so badly financially, and not willing to replace you when you’re gone.

    Also? My “L” key is sticking and it’s pissing me off! 😉


  3. Here’s your good news. You have an END date. I’m starting to resent the fact that I’m STILL training my replacement after 3 months. Be sure they don’t have your new work # 🙂


  4. Goodness it’s amazing that school districts operate like this. I remember when my mom started she had to write down list after list and now she’s doing two jobs. Everyone has a budget crisis. I’m with April on the number thing. Good luck with the next two weeks on the work front.

    LB is the cutest I’d miss her too 🙂


  5. I’ve always hated the last two weeks. It’s so weird. But at least the end is in sight. I’m glad everyone is being kind and not getting mad about extra work. You know they would all do the same thing if they had the chance.


  6. I’m so happy for you! I’m really excited to see what adventures your new job brings. (And the flossing picture from last post? So cute! You’re beautiful.)


  7. Most places actually work like this – one person does more than they “should” and when the leave noone really knows what to do!!

    But this is a HUGE new adventure for you 🙂


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