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Full Moon in Cancer

Last night was the full moon. This full moon also happened to be in its home sign of Cancer. SWM had herself a little astrology lesson on Cancer and its ruling “planet” the moon, so I’ll elaborate a bit.

The moon signifies the unconcious. In the tarot deck, the moon card is about whats hidden in your life. What are you really thinking? What signs are being shown to you that you haven’t quite picked up on? We all have our fronts; the face we present to the world. Your sun sign is the outer shell of your personality jawbreaker. Its the first thing people notice about you, and the facade you like to hide behind. Your moon sign is whats underneath that. Its your soft underbelly, mingling (or in my case, fighting) with your outward appearance.

The full moon is a night of enhanced energy. A time to meditate and focus on the elements of the astrological sign which the full moon is hanging out in. When the full moon makes it cycle and lands on the sign it represents, then the mood is all about “You pass Go. You collect $200”- In the spiritual sense at least. You can feel the energy when the full moon is in Cancer. Your dreams may be a little wacky, but pay attention to them! They are trying to tell you something about the inner circle of your jawbreaker.

On that note: My dream from last night:

I was walking around the city of Boston at night. It was winter. I had no shoes on. I walked into a Dunkin Donuts and asked for some food. I held out my hand and the cashier started screaming. My hands were entirely black with dirt and filth, like I had been walking on them. There was glass and blood on them. Another cashier came up and told me to leave.

I walked out into the city and it was daytime instead of night. I saw a familiar face. We hugged and they told me to walk with them. Then they saw my bare feet and asked why I didn’t have any shoes. I laughed it off, pretending like it was no big deal. I didn’t know why I was shoeless. All my other clothes were perfectly normal. I said to my friend,  “Well, you know..” They gave me a strange look and walked away.

Unfortunately, LB climbed into bed with me at about 3 am, and I forgot the rest of the dream. This is why you should always write down your dreams immediately after waking up. Yeah, right.

Each astrological sign rules a body part. Its pretty easy to figure out, because it starts at the top of the body with the first sign (Aries) and moves down to end at the feet with Pisces, the last sign.

Since my sun sign rules the feet, I would analyze the bare feet in my dream as being symbolic of my astrological sign. Since your dreams are the unconscious feeling you have about your life, my filthy feet are representative about the negative emotions I have about being a Pisces. I wrote about my passive-agressive Pisces Sun/Aries Moon dynamic, and this is obviously still present in my dreams.

I would go more in depth, but LB’s dad just arrived to pick her up and I have a busy day ahead of me.

Have a relaxing Sunday, ya’ll. What did you dream last night?


11 thoughts on “Full Moon in Cancer”

  1. Funny you should ask.

    I dreamt of living in an apt with a bunch of other young folk. I guess I wasn’t nearly-30 as I am in real life, but 5 yrs younger. And there was some to-do over who got which bedroom. Only to find out that there was a lovely and perfectly decorated bedroom that no one realized was there. I, of course, took the small, cramped and cluttered one.

    I awoke to The Mook crying for me and stumbled out of bed to find that she had peed the bed. Not just the fitted sheet. But also the top sheet and her comforter (how she managed that, I really have no idea).


  2. My dream was something vague about my water bill being outrageous and me trying to figure out why. Bug crawled into bed with me too around 4 this morning and thats all I can remember. I’m a Pisces/Capricorn Moon so maybe the water represents my sun sign? The moon was beautiful last night, it was pretty bad ass.


  3. This stuff intrigues me!!

    I didnt know that about the head thing being Aries? Thats very interesting!!

    Now at least when I read “the moon in..” I know what it means!


  4. That’s wild.

    I took a nap yesterday and had some seriously twisted dreams.

    Unfotunately, I forgot most of them. I remember something about Wal-Mart and being very excited about their frozen foods section. Then there was another one (or maybe an extension of the Wal-Mart one) where I’d broken into my old apartment. The one over the garage in the middle of the hood. My landlords had moved and I wasn’t sure if anyone was living in the big house. A bunch of my stuff was in the apartment, and I was gathering it all. The ex was there. We had sex. I then wanted him to leave immediately but I didn’t know how to make it happen. It’s pretty blury after that. We were going to spend the night there on the floor. I was then very panicked about getting caught in the apartment. The rest is gone…


  5. I wish I could remember my dreams last night but my little 3 year old got in bed with me during my precious REM and I can’t recall. Maybe something later will trigger a memory. It happens. And usually my dreams are so vivid!

    Interesting post today too since I just posted about INTUITION and the need to follow it more…

    I get the tarot on my facebook page. Got the Sun the other day and LOVED what it said. I have a thing with the moon too, and even made it a part of my business entity and logo based on some meanings I looked up.


  6. I actually spent Saturday night at Mia’s (her boyfriend just left her and she’s now a single mom). The fucking fuckers. (sorry)…

    I had a dream she and I were in a boat… we had two paths and the one we chose was super dangerous. The waves were crashing in around us from both sides, it was dark and scary. But I was at the helm of the boat and I got us both through.

    I forget the rest and there was more.

    It’s just odd that we’re both single moms and we grew up together. Because I’m coming up on my 3rd year anniversary I do think I’m going to be able to help her get through this… thankfully. Because sometimes I still feel like I don’t know what in the hell I’m doing.

    Your dream is interesting… maybe it means you don’t give a shit about what others thing, the assumptions they may have about you don’t bother you anymore. Wild guess.


  7. I would love to learn all that stuff about Libra.

    I have no idea what I dreamt about last night 😦 I think I was just glad to be dead asleep without having to get up to be somewhere by a certain time, lol.


  8. I have no idea what I dreamed but what an awesome astrological post. I tend to be very intentional around new moons but kind of lose it halfway through, LOL. I’ll make a mental note to try to be more aware of my dreams during the full moon.


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