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Back to it

First day back to work was exhausting. I didn’t stop answering the phone or filling out paperwork all day long. After a few hours though, you kind of get into your groove, like a runner at mile 11 in a marathon. Maybe I can track thisenjoyment back to my days as a pizza delivery girl, or waiting tables, where you somehow find your rhythm in all the chaos. Or maybe I can chalk it up to a sick sense of pleasure in escaping my hellish Christmas break; compared to dealing with Rooferman’s guerrilla tactics, a never-ending conference call is a slice of cherry pie.

Tomorrow is my interview. I’ve spent a few hours minutes rehearsing my pitch, flaunting my administrative accomplishments and humbly professing my desire for customer satisfaction. In screenwriting class, they called this “fluff”, and the less you had in your script, the better. I hated my Tarintino-wannabe peers so much, I played hooky a couple times to crash my gay roommate’s Public Relations class.

Afterward, I said to him,”you know you are majoring in the art of complete and utter Bullsh**?”

He looked at me and said, “Breeder.”

pixar cars

Speaking of my brood, LB has started narrating stories that usually go something like this:

“Onceponatime der was a little gul named LB who loved Mommy berry much and ate chocolate dinner. I SCARED! GO AWAY MONSTER! I NO LIKE TO GO POTTY! And on that farm he had a dog…Kachow! Deeeee End.”

Friggin Geminis.


14 thoughts on “Back to it”

  1. Heck, that sounds pretty much like my stories when I tell them to people. LB is a girl after my own Gemini heart.

    Son is all about monsters lately, too. Mostly Swiper–the fox from Dora. He’s so afraid Swiper is going to take his things. We watched a few episodes on the way to my parents for Thanksgiving, and then this fear came up. I immediately banned Dora, but he still talks about Swiper nonstop.

    Good luck on the interview!!


  2. That sounds like Shiloh’s stories. Except Shiloh starts with, “Petend…” (pretend) and then she goes into a long rambling story about whatever, and usually ends with “BAM!”

    Good luck on the interview.


  3. Love your daughter’s story. Sounds a lot like my daughter except she finishes with BEEE end. It’s those little moments I treasure so much and that keep me going through all the BS from the kids fathers.

    Good luck with the interview.


  4. That is awesome. Totally reminds me of my Gemini rising son 🙂
    Glad to read in your other post that the interview was a success.
    Your blog gives me so much strength as I go through my own dramas, I cannot tell you. I need to find a nickname for my delightful ex, now that he appears to be back. Something to make me laugh.


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