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[Ace of Swords]I haven’t left the house once today. LB’s dad came to pick her up early because he now goes to church with Blondie. I remember when we first got together, he was about as skeptical as I was, professing how his bible-thumping parents prayed for him all the time, and he still ended up in prison. He also smoked weed like a chimney, watched Ultimate Fight Night on Spike TV and spent his free time designing tattoos and playing guitar. He wore skate shoes and joked with our gay roommate.

Now he’s a church-going, bull-riding, McCain-supporting, wrangler-wearing, gay-bashing, anti-pot-smoking family man to a stranger’s kids.

Amazing what kind of influence a different woman can have on a man. I wonder who the “real” Rooferman is. Maybe he doesn’t have a personality, he just molds to whomever he is with at the time. Maybe he’s just lost, navigating the rough seas in his protective bubble.

[7 of Chalices]I’ve caught up on my netflix, dishes and laundry. I’m attempting to take down the dead Christmas tree next. The snow is gently gliding from the sky, and I’m struggling to find room for the overwhelming load of Christmas presents LB received this year. I’m also playing with my own present, a new tarot deck (see images).

I’m starting to feel rested. Ready for what may come in the next week. Sorry I’ve been lacking on my comments to all your blogs. I will get back on track soon.


11 thoughts on “Resting”

  1. It is hard to know people like that, who change themselves to fit whoever is around them. I find myself sometimes missing my ex, and then the sad realization that he never exsisted, in the way real things do… that I could find the person but the boy I thought I knew is forever lost to me, and was never mine besides.

    Getting everything is order is so nice! You sound content.


  2. Well, hopefully some of the positive things about church will rub off on him… assuming he’s going to one where they don’t bit the heads off chickens.


  3. My ex still smokes weed like a chimney and watches Ultimate Fighting on Spike. Very interesting to see how people change for a person (myself included!)


  4. Getting away and indulging yourself isn’t so bad. You deserve it. You probably only felt blah the next morning because you were reading court docs – shoulda left those at home and really enjoyed yourself!

    Happy New Year


  5. I’m glad the trip went good =) I was hoping you made it back okay with the weather being so shitty again. I figured you were completely exhausted. Thanks again for letting us invade your house and for coming over on New Years to dance it up! See ya Thursday night for more DDR action =) Love ya!


  6. That’s what scares me about relationships now. Every guy I’ve ever been serious with seemed to change to fit the girl he was with (before me, with me, after me) and I don’t want that. I want to know the person I’m with is real. Especially since my ex-husband. I still can’t understand how you can be married for six years and not know someone, but I did it. Now I have a child to worry about and I don’t know if it’s worth it.

    Glad you’re back safely and hope you feel rested soon.


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