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Goodbye 2008

I finally listened to the messages. My voicemail was entirely full, so I was starting to worry about missing important calls. Rooferman called 10 times alone on Christmas, professing I was a heartless b**** for not letting me talk to his daughter on HIS day. This is from a man who has NEVER called to talk to LB EVER. All of a sudden on Christmas he turns into a martyr. He also said he’s filing contempt papers on me.

I had my meeting with Lawyerdude, who is kindly holding off on charging me a retainer up front. He says there are a few things we can do before our court date in February.

#1 I’m going to write up the Parenting Plan that I think is reasonable and bring it in to him to review.

#2 He’s going to send Rooferman a copy and ask him to come into his office if he has any objections.

#3 Lawyerdude will ask Rooferman to go back to Mediation, explaining that our new judge is going to be no different than our old judge, and he wants the MOTHER and FATHER to work this out before he has to make the final decision.

I asked him about being in contempt. He told me that it looks like there were two orders made in our case, but I only received a copy of one. He told me to go check out the file, which I did.

The only orders in our file are the judge granting the Motion to Recuse, and one from Child Support Enforcement, which consolidated our child support and custody cases into a single case number. No order for specific parenting time. No order that I’m in contempt of.

Blondie slammed the door in my face again last night, but at least LB wasn’t crying this time. The puppet master gave me a snide look and growled “We’ll be there at 8:30 am to pick her up on Thursday.” Since daycare is closed all week, Team B&R thinks they can have ALL DAY with LB instead of the usual evening visitations.

I’m not going to fight them on this. They are trying to get me angry. This situation has become so polarized, both of us think that we are all mighty good and the other party is Satan-incarnate. The only thing I can do is keep my sanity, stay grounded and be there for LB.

Rooferman still hasn’t shown his face. Since his insane message-leaving marathon, we’ve only communicated through text messages. He’s computer illiterate, so we can’t email.

So today, I’m working on my Parenting Plan, cleaning house and preparing for the New Years Eve Party I’m hosting. All my nearest and dearest will be there, and LB will open her 5th round of presents (crazy). I’m going to make Modern Single Mama’s hot buttered rum and Jiji is going to grace us with her traditional Navajo tacos.

I’m apprehensive for the new year. I wished for a kinder, gentler 2008, and I got a sadistic dominatrix instead. I’m not wishing for a gentler 2009, I’m wishing for Peace, Justice and Goddess-like Strength.

Here’s to all of you who’ve left support and comfort on my blog. Thank you for your virtual friendship. Cheers 2009!


17 thoughts on “Goodbye 2008”

  1. I’m sorry for Rooferman and Blondie and their crap, I just know how relieved you will be when the mediation/court will be over. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Happy New Year!!


  2. Effing crazy, yo. We’re having a mini-fiesta with the neighbors tonight… they’re making the tacos and I’m bringing Morgan’s hot buttered rum. No joke. If you’re having brownies as well, I might have to tack you onto my list of stalkers.

    Happy New Year to ya. I’m really happy to have found your blog this year. 🙂


  3. My heart just breaks for you, girlfriend. I wish all those things for you…and more.

    Sounds like a blast tonight, though…wish I could crash it!

    Blessings to you and LB for 2009. I so mean that.


  4. i read your blog faithfully but usually dont comment. you are an amazing woman and you handle life’s bs beautifully. stay strong in 09. best wishes.


  5. My first thought was “but there’s no parenting plan ordred so how are you in contempt?” He’s a moron. And now that he refusese to talk to you face to face he’s sealing his fate for joint anything. so YAY you! Here’s to a better 2009!


  6. The only thing I can do is keep my sanity, stay grounded and be there for LB.

    This is exactly why you are an excellent mother — because while the temptation is there to go down to that level, you keep the most important thing in mind.

    I hope 2009 resolves a lot of this junk quickly so you can focus on things that bring happiness and peace.


  7. Just goes to show what an awesome mama you are.

    You’ve shown that you do what is best for LB and that’ all you have to remember.

    The opportunities you’ve given him even with all his shenanigans shows that as well as your decisions to keep her with you.

    Stay strong, and I hope you get a resolution soon. Though I can guess it will be a lifelong battle, at least you’ll have something official to back you up.

    Our custody hearing is January 27th. And yes, I think those are AWESOME goals.


  8. Ok….so I read this post as a stepping stone to a stronger/powerful/confident you in this brand new year. This is who you ARE and who you will BE for yourself and your daughter. No lies, it’ll be a tough year, but I truly believe that it will be a good one, a successful one….and one full of love and happiness.

    Great big hugs and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR honey


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