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“You’ve made your point”

That was the first text message I received from Rooferman.

The next one told me to “stay away from his family” and I had “already ruined his Christmas enough already.” Unfortunately for him, both of his parents love me dearly and he has no control over our relationship, and (guess what!) we have to deal with each other for the rest of our daughter’s life.

I was hesitant to send  LB to his house today. I was scared she wasn’t coming back and I would have no back-up to reclaim her. Luckily, the blow was softened by Grandma Ruby, who did the transport to his house in the morning. I still had to face him this evening to pick her up.

Durango has been sheathed in ice, so I literally slid up to Rooferman’s door at 7:30 pm. My sister and her awesome girlfriend were sitting in the car, waiting for me. I knocked on the door. Blondie’s face appeared.

“She’ll be ready in a second.”

The door slammed in my face.

LB emerged from the house a moment later, tear-stricken and screaming “Mommy!”


Rooferman wouldn’t even come to the door. Blondie obviously has expressed her feelings toward me as well. I am Satan.

Honestly, I was just relieved to get my daughter back. Parenting shouldn’t be this hellish of an experience. I see the lawyer on Tuesday.

P.S. Remember that job I took a test for? I received notification today that I scored an 89% , ranking me third out of all 70 applicants. They only interview the top 3. I’m calling tomorrow to set it up. Keep your fingers crossed for me and the extra $1000 a month I would make.


19 thoughts on ““You’ve made your point””

  1. “Parenting shouldn’t be this hellish of an experience.” Well said my friend. He is acting like a child. Can you say passive aggressive? Hang in there, February will be here before you know it! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and that job!


  2. Yay! Sending good thoughts and vibes your way on the new job front.

    As for Rooferman and Blondie I don’t know what more you can do. Here’s hoping February gets here quickly.


  3. Congrats! I knew you would at least get an interview! I think you did the right thing by leaving town for a few days for Christmas. Rooferman and Blondie obviously are not mature enough to ensure a great holiday full of love and nurturing that LB needs. Before you know it he will be out of your lives 🙂 I am also happy that you and single dad went on a date!! woohoo!


  4. This is absolutely flabbergasting to me…that someone would treat a baby this way…in order to prove what point? I have no idea what is going on with Rooferman and Blondie, but no one has the right to put the child in thge middle; this is terrible and I so hope that it turns out and I am pryaing for you and the job!
    Congrats on being in the top 3! Just take care of yourself and know that we are sending you lots of hugs!!!!


  5. I am keeping the fingers crossed and will be rooting for you.

    Well “satan” lol it seems like those “people” have finally got it that they shouldn’t think you are at their beck and call, that there will have to be compromise and cooperation involved. Who knows maybe in ’09, they will grow up just a little bit?


  6. It sure whould be a shame if his head somehow got slammed in that door one of these time. What freaking child. Again, just had him the shovel and let him keep digging.


  7. Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know. Words can’t even describe the anger that swells up inside me when I read your posts about Rooferman and Blondie. For some reason, he doesn’t seem half as horrid as when he’s not around her.

    Poor LB. Mang.

    Fingers crossed on the job thing! Good luck!


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