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Twas the Week before Christmas

UPDATE: Rooferman called at the last minute and now we have an appointment for Mediation at 4:30 pm TODAY.  I should change his name to “nick of time.” Wish me luck. I feel ill.

I’m subbing all week in the big wig’s office, so I may be MIA for a while. Some notes on recent activities:

  • The Polar Express rocked. LB, being Miss “Running Commentary” stood up and yelled “WE”RE LEAVING!” when the train started backing up.
  • Court again this Thursday
  • Received a letter indicating our Judge has granted Rooferman’s motion to recuse. Our new Judge won’t even see us until February.
  • Rooferman was 2 hours late picking up the child on Sunday. He also couldn’t give me an address where he was staying at, but he tried to give me directions to a trailer park somewhere.
  • My gay friend is back in jail again. He’s been living in a halfway house for the last 3 years and seemed like he might actually make it out. His dad called and asked me to write a letter to the Judge in support, so I’ll be making a trip to the “La Plata Ramada” as the inmates call it.
  • Still haven’t sent Christmas cards.
  • Looking forward to seeing my sister and finally meeting her girlfriend next week.
  • What’s on your plate in preparation for Christmas/Hannukah/Other Holiday celebration?

15 thoughts on “Twas the Week before Christmas”

  1. Hey! Sounds like things have been super busy. We all knew Rooferman would shoot himself in the foot, maybe we can just hope that this time it is the last straw. I am glad that you guys had fun on the “Polar Express.” I have always wanted to do that! LB looked so cute in the pics, as usual 🙂 Why did J have to go to jail? Please tell him hi and give him my best please! Also please give all of your family (including your Sis and her gf) a big hug and Merry Christmas please! I was thinking of your mom the other day when I was at the Records Office at the University of Bridgeport, they are not nearly as friendly as your mom was when I saw her at FLC!!! Merry Christmas! This coming year will be your best ever!!! I know it!


  2. Look on the bright side…at least by him scheduling the mediation at the last minute you didn’t sit up all night worrying about it. I hope it went well…I’ll be watching for an update. The other stuff sounds pretty crazy…try to take a few minutes and catch your breath and enjoy the holidays. Things are crazy here too but I’m trying not to think about it. BTW, can you see my e-mail when I comment? I wanted to send you a message privately the other day but when you leave me comments they just show up as Hang in there…baby steps are still progress!


  3. Christmas cards? Over-rated. Send e-cards. Not sure about the set-up in the US, but UNICEF Canada lets me send e-cards in exchange for a small donation to their causes, which are – of course – just fabulous.


  4. You sound busy. I just filled out my cards tonight. And I still have to find addresses. (Don’t know why I didn’t save them from last year.) I’m excited to have my family in town next week too.


  5. That does suck about the judge. On the bright side that gives you much more time to keep building your case.

    I just have lots of people to visit. Not sure if I’m cooking though.


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