single mom

Too busy

pisces_symbolI have a pile of billing to go through and another blog to write for, so I’m neglecting my little single mom hobbit house today. Parenting class is tonight, so I will bring news in the am.

In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of the universe if ya’ll are interested. I also heart this blog. 

Here’s a preview:

If, however, you are dealing with a difficult personal situation, your best tactic is to avoid being provoked into action. Listen. Watch. Wait. Be quiet. Leave. That said, it will be EXTREMELY difficult to keep quiet, do nothing, watch or leave. So no beating yourself up if you don’t manage to hold yourself together. And all the things that have long been brewing, simmering and percolating below the surface boil over and spill all over the stovetop and down the front of the stove! Not an easy energy to work with the next two weeks. And the aftermath may require serious clean up or a set of new dishes to replace those smashed in anger or the earthquake.

Yay. Looks like I picked a good week for mediation.


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