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Love, Logic & Laughter

I had a great time last night at my parenting class.  I’m definitely the only single mom, but I’m kind of bonding with some of these strange, married creatures. We get free pizza too, which I’m sure the Over-eaters Anonymous group REALLY appreciates smelling down the hall.

 We were presented with a situation where a 3-year-old refuses to eat what his mom has made for him, even after being offered two different dinner choices before the meal was cooked. The 3-year-old now wants a peanut butter sandwich instead of Mac n Cheese.

The Love & Logic teacher aksed us, “Do you get up and make a peanut butter sandwich?”

“No!” All the parents said confidently.

“Correct!” the Love & Logic Maestro answered. “If he doesn’t want to eat it, then he can wait until breakfast for his next meal.”

One pregnant mom shook her head. “I’m totally guilty of this. I ALWAYS give in and make him something else. He ends up eating corn dogs every night because he won’t try anything new. I just can’t bear the thought of sending my little boy to bed hungry!”

“Soy corn dogs,” Added her hubby. “All he eats is soy. He’s like a pillar of soy.”

We looked at them sympathetically and our teacher joked, “Its ok if he doesn’t have soy for one night. He won’t starve, just keep him hydrated.”

 “We could just hook him up to an I-V,” the dad laughed.

“You mean a Soy-V?” I suggested.

Everyone cracked up. Score! I made people laugh! I got a major buzz off that one. Can you become addicted to making people laugh? I really don’t want to be that moron in the room who’s always telling desperate stories. I don’t want to become a joke junky.

 Meinwhile Rooferman was stuffing our daughter with ice cream and candy, so I was unable to successfully install any newly aquired Love & Logic bedtime techniques last night. She bounced off the walls until about 10 pm, when she finally crashed, crying and holding her tummy. I broke down and rocked her until she fell asleep.

I may have been the class clown tonight, but I definitely failed at my homework. 😛

P.S. Churches really are happening places on weeknights! The parking lot has been PACKED every time.


18 thoughts on “Love, Logic & Laughter”

  1. OMG, what a dumbass. It seems like Blondie & Rooferman are approaching your situation like something they can win. They get points if LB has more treats (and thus likes them more) while she’s with them, rather than approaching it responsibly: maintaining her potty training, feeding her nutritious food, etc.

    All I can say is: you have good reason to be bitter, but inviting those negative feelings in only does you harm, not them. Good luck and good vibes.

    Btw, I wanted to send LB an x-mas present. I don’t know what 2-year-olds like; what sorts of books does she like now?


  2. Elly- Just so you know, “Make Way for Ducklings” is currently her favorite book, which I believe you gave her last year 🙂 She definitely likes stories about animals, ones with bright pictures, and stories with a girl as the main character.


  3. Kori- He made it clear he was NOT coming back to the class because he is a “great dad” who learns parenting skills from his “own Reconnaissance.” Apparently he’s Special Forces as well.


  4. Special Forces, hehehe…there’s an image. Oh well, it’ll just shoot him in the foot later on. I’m glad you’ve been such a hit, you go girl.

    I wish they would just be responsible (like Elly said) and consistent. Sorry you had sugar high bedtime LB last night again.

    Love you and see ya later today =)


  5. Heh. I get a vision of George Costanza from Seinfeld. Remember the episode where he makes everyone laugh and then stands up and leaves the room so he doesn’t screw up his time in the spotlight? OMG. I heart Seinfeld.

    Love and Logic is great stuff!! I’ve never been to a seminar but I did read the books a long time ago. Maybe I need to pick them up again.

    Sorry to hear your ex isn’t being a great father. I suppose we’re all doing the best we can, right?


  6. Making people laugh is such a joy. I have a tendency to not be SUPER funny because I’m always afraid my joke will bomb. I should loosen up a bit!

    Glad you had a good time in class!


  7. Ugh. I’m always the class/group yuck-up cracking some sarcastic joke. I probably border on annoying. Scratch that–I DO border on annoying. Just call me Chandler.

    The special forces Rooferman image has me laughing and laughing. On a mission gathering parenting skills from the forest. Obviously, he’s having a touch time capturing them if he’s still conducting ice cream socials before bed.


  8. Yeah his own Reconnaissance. Sounds like J’s dad. Sure guys, how’s tht worked for them so far? Anyways that sounds like a great parenting class. I need to take one of those myself.


  9. Your parenting class sounds fun. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    And how are you not supposed to fail your homework when someone is sabataging (I know I misspelled that, but I’m too lazy to check)you? Don’t feel bad for giving in a rocking her to sleep. I would have done the same.


  10. Isnt he also supposed to go to the classes?

    Seriously can he not just THINK a little bit?

    But the classes do sound very very cool!!!


  11. Being a step mom in all of this, I have had that dilemma with our two…what to eat and what will they eat. I finally said, “I’m not a restaurant, I’m not a chef…I will cook healthy, fun nutritious food for you, but that’s it, if you don’t like it you don’t have to eat it.” My step daughter was great with that, my step son, he loves ketchup sandwiches (which I’ve never fed him), and tried tears, crying, fits, and faking throwing up at the dinner table to not eat…he just went to bed and ate breakfast in the morning, this seemed to work great! Although I must admit that his tactics sometimes were ingenious and had me laughing!

    Thanks for the great post,


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