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There was the usual drama with Rooferman yesterday.I took his mom out to see a movie while LB was gone yesterday, and she asked me to return his cell phone that he left at Home Depot. I figured I might win some serious brownie points, and maybe at least get a “thank you” out of Rooferman for the favor, but hell would have frozen over before that happened.

Blondie snatched the phone from my hand and demanded, “Why do you have it?”

I told them that Grandma Ruby and I went to a movie together and she asked me to drop off the phone when I picked LB up. Rooferman just glared at me. No one said anything. WTF? You would think I was delivering a bucket of Herpes to them instead of doing them a favor.

Maybe they’re just pissed because Grandma Ruby loves me so damn much.

So its Monday. Back to work. Turned in my test. Filling out more paperwork for possible financial assistance on my outstanding bill from the ER visit this summer. $400 for flogging Orthopedic boot! Next time I get hurt I’m just going to suck it up until I can make an appointment with my primary care doctor. The ER is SO NOT WORTH IT. I was denied for heating assistance this winter.

Christ, I feel like all I do is fill out paperwork.


19 thoughts on “Paperwork”

  1. As bad as Rooferman sounds Blondie sounds worse, way worse.

    At least you get along with his mom… I bet you’re right they probably both feel threatened by that.


  2. Heidi- I go back and forth on this one. I know she’s running the show, but is that a good thing because he’s so inept or a bad thing because she’s obviously got issues?

    April- AHHH I HATE INSURANCE AND MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENTS! I almost threw my wine bottle through the TV when I watched Sicko.

    Tricia- I’d imagine a bucket O herpes would look something like Paris Hilton in a blender.


  3. Paris Hilton in a blender!! Hahaha…hehehe…so true! I can’t believe that was how Blondie reacted…whatever. Oh, I was going to tell you that my bro was talking about Bolt this morning as well and said something about how LB might like it, I thought it was funny since we were talking about that last night. He dotes on her just a little too 🙂 I told him he should go play with her at the park and he seemed excited. I guess this is the 21 year old guy who is just a big kid at heart though 🙂 (He did watch Wall-E and Waterhorse over the weekend.)


  4. I hear ya on the paper work! I’m doing the same here. As for the hospital thing……yes wait for your primary if you can! I work for a hospital up here in denver and it’s way cheaper to go to a dr then the er! And for any kind of diagnostic exams seek an independent clinic!!!! For a chest x ray the hospital charges aprox $500 when at other places it costs $50. Good luck with the test as well!


  5. A healthy person would be grateful you had returned the phone. You aren’t dealing with healthy people — not like you didn’t know that.

    Good for you for taking the higher ground.


  6. I hate paperwork and somehow it is my life, but I do work at a place where they pay for me to go to classes…I am almost done with my Masters classes, so you can totally chisel that baby out.

    I hope that you get that protest done in regards to your boot, omg, what a rip off.

    On the energy assistance, I am sorry, I know how expensive it is out there, it was crazy in Oregon and I was always grateful for the help.

    Thanks for your amazing blog.


  7. Yup…hospital bills SUCK. I took my son to the ER a few months ago for pneumonia and I’m still paying off my portion of the $3000 bill…we were there for a whooping 6hrs. And I work there for pete’s sake…you’d think they’d cut me a deal but nooooo. Keep fighting that bill…as long as your account is in dispute they can’t send you to a collection agency…little insider’s tip. 😉


  8. I definately think its cos Granny Ruby thinks you rock ;-p

    So maybe next time throw a bucket of herpes at them!!!

    Sorry about all the paperwork – it does indeed suck!


  9. I had never set foot in a hospital before I had J. The paperwork I had to fill out there was just the beginning. Thanks to you I know what to expect.


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