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Rooferman filed a motion to recuse the judge who is presiding over our case. I figured this would happen, so its really not that surprising. It just shows what a dickless coward he is. Its kind of insulting to the Judge as well, since basically Rooferman is telling him he doesn’t think he can do his job. Does he think just because our Judge sent him to prison more than 8 years ago he will rule in my favor?  Does he think that because I was at our Judge’s daughter’s wedding, he is just going to hand me a custody order and a cookie?

Sure, that is one of my personal fantasies, but come on! This is reality. Give the man a little more credit.

So our Judge, being a kind and just human being, will wholeheartedly refer us to another division.  He’s already said that if we can’t come to an agreement by our next court date, he will send us to another judge anyway. Apparently Rooferman didn’t remember that. He also didn’t remember how to spell our Judge’s name.

Somehow I’m not intimidated. Obviously, he’s the one who’s scared.

P.S. For $5 you can download a person’s entire criminal history at this website. After reading Rooferman’s,  I’m thinking this may become a prerequisite for anyone I date. Oh and that “improper driving” ticket he got? Apparently it was “Improper Mountain Driving”, which for all you flatlanders, means he is of those idiots who tries to drive up the side of a cliff, gets stuck, and results in the County Sheriff having to winch him off the cryptobiotic soil.


13 thoughts on “Cowardice”

  1. Oh, God. I doubt you intended this post to be funny, but I am laughing. Even in Idaho, I don’t think we have the Improper Mountain Driving ticket! Though we do have no shortage of idiots.


  2. Even though I have no idea what Rooferman looks like, I have this really hilarious mental picture of what I think he must look like stuck in his car on the side of the mountain. HA!! Good luck with all this stuff and thanks for the link to that website, its a resource I can use!


  3. We have an improper mountain driving law? Wait… wasn’t I a prosecutor for three year? How did I no know this? Other than we didn’t have mountains in Pueblo County. LMAO Did you know there is an improper use of slug law here (putting fake coins in a vending machine). I just found that out this morning while I was bored at court. Which totally begs the question… exactly what is the proper use of fake money????


  4. LOL!! What a total dumbass!!!

    It is amazing how they do the stupidest things when they are caught in the headlights!!!

    I LOVE the idea of checking peoples criminal records – lol – definately a good “before I date you”


  5. Improper mountain driving? Wow, that takes some skill to do. Leave it to him though. Looking up backgrounds is so interesting, I seriously think I might start looking future prospects up too, in light of recent events. I did find out you can search the Albuquerque website and find out inmate info and what they have outstanding warrants for (it’s free)….yeah I think background checks are a good thing at this point. Have fun and I’ll talk to you soon. Love ya!


  6. Try not to be bitter. I know it’s hard and it seems like you’re succeeding admirably. But remember, it’s likely that Rooferman is going to be a part of your and LB’s lives until LB is in her 20s, and the more positive your relationship is, the more positive her relationship with him will be. And if Rooferman ends up with partial custody of LB then it would be prudent to wish him luck and prosperity in his life, and an alleviation of the stresses he perceives himself to be under.

    Erf. I’m not a mom and I can’t imagine what it’d be like to have to share the most precious thing in my life with someone who causes me such emotional distress, distrust, and distaste. But I think my advice is probably pretty good anyway.


  7. I am sorry that Rooferman is such an idiot! I am sure that no matter what judge takes the case they will see what a piece of work he is. I hope for his sake, for LB’s sake and your sake that he grows up someday soon! Step up to the plate and be a father. Damn is it that difficult?! Just remember lots of love to you and LB from Connecticut now and forever 😉 Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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