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Find a happy place

  • Love & Logic was ok. Rooferman showed up, and introduced himself as having 3 kids and “loving it.” Puketastic. Friggin father of the year. Didn’t say one word to me the whole time. I was the only single mom there, but I liked the class itself.
  • I finally received the Administrative Assistant III Test from the State of Colorado. I have to turn it in before December 1st. Looking at the questions, I really don’t know if I want it anymore. My boss and her husband have done so much for me. It almost feels like family here.
  • I finished my first post for Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, but it probably won’t be up for a while. I’m sure they are going to edit the crap out of it.
  • LB had a major meltdown last night. My mom graciously babysat during the parenting class, so the child wouldn’t be subjected to 10+ hours of daycare. At bedtime, she went to the dark side in less than 20 seconds. I don’t know what happened. One minute she was cheerful and snuggly, the next she was a kicking, screaming red-faced demonchild. She repeated this act at 10:30, midnight and 3:00 am until I finally gave in and let her sleep in my bed. The Love & Logic peeps would have been ashamed of me.

    "Find a happy place..."
  • Rooferman goes to court this morning. I found his case number online and called to see what it was for: “Improper driving” and “failure to display  insurance.” Apparently it was deferred, but he screwed up his probationary period, missed a court date, got a warrant, so now he’s going  back to see if they are going to revoke his deferment. I hope they  revoke his God damn license.
  • Can you tell I’m not in happy place right now?
  • At least the bank waived the $33 overdraft fee on my bounced check yesterday. I haven’t bounced a check since I was a full blown pill addict, more than 3 years ago.
  • JL’s bro turns 21 today. We’re taking him out, but I can’t even buy him a drink. I’ll be eating free tortilla chips at el cantina and watching him order pitcher of peach margarita.
  • No Child Support this month. I think he’s working under the table again.
  • I promise to cheer up one day. Maybe I should watch the Lemurs dancing in Madagascar, that always makes me smile.

12 thoughts on “Find a happy place”

  1. Ha ha! I read your post title just now, and I instantly thought of Peach the Starfish in the dentist’s fish tank on Finding Nemo saying that over and over as Darla banged on the outside of the tank! I friggin’ love that movie.

    I swear I think toddlers go through periodic times of being possessed. It never ceases to amaze me how things can just turn on a dime with them! Behold! Satan in cute little mini-human form!

    OMG…I just now noticed the photo you put in your post…of Peach! I didn’t even notice it while I was reading!

    I seriously need a day off.

    Thanks for the linky-love, by the way!


  2. Watch Madagascar – its guarenteed to cheer you up!!!

    I have the hugest crush on King Julian!! He totally rocks!!!!

    Sorry about the money – happened here this month too! Doesnt make you feel better but you arent alone!


  3. I agree. At least send the test in. If you’re like me, you’ll regret it if you don’t. You don’t have to take the job.

    It’s crazy how toddlers can go from one mood to another with no warning. Not my favorite part of parenting. Hope today is a good one.


  4. So many things going on at one time. I think you should take the test too, just for your own piece of mind. I’m stoked you’re going with us tonight =) See ya there!


  5. If Heidi slaps Rooferman, can I kick him?

    I say take the test, too. Yes, your boss and husband have done a lot for you, and that’s great, but you work to make a living–to provide for your family. Would you work AT ALL if you suddenly won the lottery and had the opportunity to stay at home with LB? I know I wouldn’t work. Would you feel bad about leaving them then?


  6. Puketastic is my word of the day. I shall now try to use it in a sentence in my daily conversation. Should be realitively easy if I have to talk about ex!

    I agree, take the test, what can it hurt?


  7. Angel baby…the blog world luvs ya! 😉 Your happy place WILL produce itself soon…it may be hidden in the Ben & Jerry’s, it may be hidden in tub’o’bubbles…but it’s there!


  8. Hang in there. I hope the battles become a bit more bearable for ya. Glad you enjoyed the Parenting Class. I think you shuld take the test. Good luck and puketastic is a great word. 🙂


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