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Kabbalah, Ellen & White Bug

Since I’m one of those nerds who follows Astrology, This was recommended for today:

Tuesday, Venus has an aspect of brilliance to Uranus. I don’t care how busy you are, upon awakening write down your dream fragments so you don‘t forget them. Watch for inspiration from unusual places. And please make sure to follow up on it, after you copyright the idea!

 Ok then (Silly Astrologers).

I dreamed I was in a foxhole with Ellen DeGeneres. I blame this entirely on LB’s daily viewing of Finding Nemo, because I kept calling her “Dory.” All around us explosives were going off, grenades were being launched, and general mayhem was happening. We were in the desert somwhere, so I’m thinking my brian was tying to picture the War in Iraq.

I pointed to a canyon, barely visible through the sand and smoke, and told Ellen/Dory we had to go through it. She looked at me and said “You want to go in there? Are you crazy? That’s the Kabbalah Valley.”

Jigga WHAT? The “Kabbalah Valley”? Obviously my superficial knowledge of Iraqi locations made itself clear in this scene. Either that or I’m curious about Judaism. Also, another Finding Nemo reference, where Dory and Marlin are about to swim through the trench. Apparently I was playing the Marlin role, but this time Dory was trying to convince me NOT to go in the trench, which is the exact opposite of the movie.

I woke up at this point, somwhere around 4:30 am. When I fell back asleep, I started a new dream:

I was at Rooferman’s house, and there was a huge party going on. It was like a scene from those high school keg party movies, but there were kids of all ages, ranging from birth to 25. There were kids running around in sprinklers, kids sword fighting, toddlers chasing each other, babies in playpens and of course, tons of drunken teenagers and adults.

 I was trying to find LB. Maybe I was there to pick her up from visitation. I made my way through the house, where there was an orgy going on with Rooferman, Blondie and some teenage girls. I ran outside, frantic to find my child. I saw her playing with 2 other toddlers. Ironically, one of the kids was my single mom neighbor’s daughter, and the other was my High School friend’s son.

As soon as LB saw me she started running in the opposite direction. I started screaming and chasing after her. She ran into the street and for some reason I couldn’t keep up with her. Behind me, the two other toddlers started laughing and running after me, like it was a big game. I kept screaming at them to stay in the yard, but they kept chasing me. I didn’t know whether to stop and get them back on the sidewalk, or to catch my daughter.

At this point, LB was running down the middle of the road, laughing. Suddenly a car (a white Bug) turned onto the street and started heading right for LB. She kept running. I was sprinting, crying hysterically at this point, but the car swerved and went by her. The car passed me and continued up the street.

I finally got to her and was hugging and sobbing. Then I looked up the street and saw the White Bug had stopped right in front of Rooferman’s house. There was a crowd of people in the street surrounding the Bug. The driver was hysterical, and started pointing at me. Then the cops showed up.

I never actually saw what happened, but it was obvious that the driver had hit either one or both of the other two kids. People were crying. Rooferman and Blondie showed up, half naked. The driver was trying to blame me for the kids running in the street. I was begging the cop to listen to me.

Finally the cop told everyone to calm down, and he told me it was going to be alright. Very odd, because most of the time, Cops are bad guys in my dreams. He handcuffed Blondie and Rooferman and the two teenagers they were in bed with, and took them to jail. The driver went home. I stayed frozen, sobbing with relief.

Then I woke up.

What the hell? Kabbalah? A White Bug? Ellen DeGeneres? A Good Cop? What do you think?


14 thoughts on “Kabbalah, Ellen & White Bug”

  1. Okay, I’m not a mom, but I can say I’ve had a couple of dreams where my cat dies or gets lost and that’s just the very worst feeling in the world. I’m glad nothing bad happened to LB in your dream.

    Erf. disturbing dreams are disturbing.

    And no, I’m not going to try to interpret your dream. I’ll leave that up to JL. 😉


  2. I’m definitely not going to try and interpret that dream, but I will say that the ‘Jigga WHAT?’ made me laugh out loud and put a smile on my face in an otherwise dreary day.


  3. I love weird dreams, although your’s sounds stressful (hate those). Last night I was so tired that I can’t remember any dreams. But I have had some strange ones lately.


  4. I thought my dreams were all messed up lately. Maybe the war dream could represent all the battles you’ve gone through lately or maybe your bravery in the face of conflict.

    The one with Rooferman is just crazy. Maybe it’s just your fears surfacing about stuff that could happen when LB is away from you, like your mind going on super panic mode.

    Or maybe you just ate something spicy that was influencing your dreams =) Have you been eating hot sauce again?

    Love you!


  5. Stupid dreams! Try instead to focus on the good parts. Rooferman and Blondie got arrested! Maybe that’s your head’s way of saying that there will be some justice.


  6. Think about the real meanings….It’s easier then anyone may think. First off……finding Nemo refrence……you think you have lost your child and are looking towards a war to get her back. Dori is holding you bcak for some reason. think more about that….the answer is there some where.

    2nd dream…..you are afraid that by leaving LB with the rooferman she will be subjected to adult things at to young an age. As well as feel that he isn’t mature enough to handle being a parent, and same with Blondie. Once you find LB and she runs from you, That is pretty simple You are afraid of losing her because of her own FREE choice. in the end you get her and someone else gets hurt and rooferman and blondie get blamed. but LB is safe because YOU kept her that way. Cops good or bad useally show signs or thoughts of justice, and security. So Justice will preveil in the end….for the good of you and LB.

    Just a small generic break down. I’m by no means an expert but have done alot of reading on it.


  7. Shutterfly, Thanks for the interpretation. I think the part where my friend’s kids are in danger, and my daughter is in danger is really important too. I think it means I feel responsible for trying to protect/save everyone, and in the end, I chose to save my daughter rather than someone else. Then after the car hits them, I feel responsible for their deaths, like I should have tried harder.

    Guilt, indecision, fear, regret and beating myself up….yeah I’m good at those things.


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