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Red Retaliation

Colorado went blue this year. I should have figured the good ole boys weren’t going to just let this one slide. The Republicans lost the presidential election, and what is their natural response?  Go buy guns.  Don’t forget Colorado is also home to the NRA. If you click on the website, you can actually order gun-totin’ Santa Christmas Cards. 

Here’s some news articles in case you haven’t heard. Living here, its hard NOT to notice the paranoid gun-clutching that’s been going on:

NPR: Gun Sales Rise on Fear of Democratic President

NRA: With Obama win, gun sales soar in Texas, Colorado

Even McCain told his fellow Republicans to unite under their new president. Watching his concession speech, I gained a lot of respect for the man. He talked about Obama achieving a dream, becoming an icon and bringing forth a positive response from a tattered country. But the damage had already been done. The Palin-induced, terrorist paranoia had infected the masses. You could hear it in the booing crowd on election night. I’ve received more than one “Obama is the Anti-Christ” text message during these last few weeks.  McCain’s followers obviously are NOT going to come together with their fellow Americans.

When I went to pick up LB from her dad’s house this weekend, I saw this sign still in the window:

I don’t think its coming down. Its a direct retaliation to the election. I wonder how many guns are in that house. I’m afraid the war between Rooferman and myself runs much deeper than I thought. And its not ending any time soon.

I love my new president, but I’m scared.


15 thoughts on “Red Retaliation”

  1. I HATE guns – hate them with everything in me!

    So this would scare me beyond belief! What are they buying the guns for though? What do they think will happen?


  2. It has been absolutely crazy and disgusting here, too. the nigger jokes. the assasination jokes. The fact that no matter how far we have come as a nation, there are still a large number of redneck idiots with guns out there and we are all subject to their ignorance and lack of ability to think rationally.


  3. Although I was impressed with McCain’s graciousness in the speech, I couldn’t help but notice his ever-so-slight smirk when the booing began at Obama’s name.


  4. I’m not scared. With change..comes uncertainty. I have confidence that my congress rep and senate reps will represent my local ideas.

    I’m sure it will be fine.. and I’m in Texas… a total GUN state.


  5. It’s so hard to cling to all that’s good and wonderful about these results with so much fear and ignorance running rampant as well. I just can’t wait for Obama to take office already so that he can prove once and for all that he will not make us a nation of Muslims!!


  6. Here in Texas it is the same thing, the ignorance runs deep. I heard about the gun runs (the fact that in rhymes makes me giggle…) I hate to say it but I am a bit frightened as well. I wish it wasn’t so, I wish that people could look at this like I do, with hope and optimism instead of hatred and indignation.


  7. All I can say is I hope that if Rooferman does have guns, that he locks them up with all the kiddos running around.

    As far as stocking up on guns, it is kinda crazy to me too, but with change there is fear and I think some people respond that way when they’re scared their rights will be taken away (there’s been several people at work come in who are scared about some of the things they’ve heard about gun laws). That’s not to say it’s right or necessary, just them trying to feel more in control of the situation.

    I have to agree with Eathan, I do think it will be okay.

    Have a good day =) Love you!


  8. Guns scare me, too. I took a picture of a sign out front of a house that said “I’m an bitter gun owner, and I vote” and sent it to my father with a caption that said “The scariest Halloween decoration I’ve seen so far”. I live near Portland, Oregon.

    I’m sorry that you and your daughter are still living in subsidized housing. I know there are nice ones, but it seems like in general they draw a specific kind of people… like the woman who locked her kid out of her house (I can’t believe people.) I decided to take out student loans to pay the $525 rent here at our studio, and it is so worth it. I’m sure you’ll be out of there as soon as the time is right.


  9. Thanks for the nice words and for stopping by my blog. Ahhhh, Colorado … I miss those big blue skies. My daughter Paige was born in Colorado Springs!

    Guns are fine, people are scary! lol

    Giyen aka Bacon Is My Enemy


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