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Since my little court drama was first priority (obviously more important than this historic election 😉 ) Here’s my short tribute to how amazing and empowered these last 48 hours have been for me.

Colorado went blue for the first time in my voting career. In a sea of red states, Colorado and New Mexico joined forces, electing two democratic cousins to the Senate, and declaring Barack Obama as their new president. The disturbingly offensive, ridiculously ludicrous definition of “Personhood” (Amendment 48) was overwhelmingly defeated as well.

I cried. I’ve only had the privilege of voting 3 times so far. My first two voting experiences were depressing, drawn-out, traumatic experiences. At the tender age of 18, my faith in our government was on the verge of being shattered. By 22, I was completely jaded. Now at 26, my vote has finally meant something. This time, instead of sobbing with pure, unadulterated anger, I was crying with utmost and complete joy.

When LB was born, almost exactly 9 months after Hurricane Katrina, I was scared for her. I didn’t want to bring her into a world filled with hate, fear, deception, manipulation and greed. I didn’t know what kind of a future she would have, but I didn’t have high hopes.

Thanks for proving me wrong, Mr. President Elect.


5 thoughts on “Blue”

  1. I feel the same. I thought about you when Colorado turned blue! I don’t think I realized how emotionally involved I was in this election. I was crying like a baby. Even in the past two days I’m feeling the aftershocks. It’s like a dream!! My first election was 2004, and I remember how disappointed and let down I was. I felt this sense of dread. America really has been in a state of fear and loathing since 2000, and I think this is a new era for our country. Our daughters have a chance to grow up in country that is amazing, not embarrassing.


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