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Court Results

 Yay we actually saw the Judge! He, being the incredibly awesome man that he is, listened to both our sides of the story and made some good decisions. Rooferman obviously had nothing prepared other than “I’m a good father, and I work ALL the time, so therefore its not my fault I don’t see my daughter.”

The Judge looked directly at him and said “You have other kids?”

Rooferman actually said yes! I almost screamed, “Your Honor, they are NOT his biological children!” It was ridiculous. Rooferman told the Judge he had to “sneak” out to his parent’s house to see his daughter. He told the judge he needed overnights because that would be “actual quality time” with LB. What kind of parenting can you do while the kid is asleep?

Anyway, I told the Judge I have never withheld parenting time, and that Rooferman averaged 1.3 visits to see his daughter per month, all by his own choice. I asked the Judge to require Rooferman to take Love & Logic parenting classes at the family center. I asked him to hold off on overnights until regular parenting time had been established. I asked him to order mediation, since I haven been so unsuccessful in getting Rooferman to show up.

I got everything I wanted. He got nothing he wanted. We go back to court December 18th. Lets see if Rooferman “miraculously” gets his act together now that I have a Judge backing me up.

Blondie tried to get him out of the parenting class by whispering “Parent/Teacher conference that night” in his ear. The Judge looked at him and said “You really need to focus on LB right now.”


Even though this is just the beginning, I feel like I’ve moved mountains already. I feel pretty damn good.

Your happy thoughts gave me strength. I got through it. I don’t know why I underestimated myself so much.


15 thoughts on “Court Results”


    That is such awesome news! I’m so glad things went well and you are feeling good and have a plan. Blondie can shover her P/T conference up her ass.

    Now, learn from this never to underestimate yourself again!!


  2. I am tearful over here in Idaho with this wonderful news. You are amazing, and strong, and you WILL prevail. If Rooferman gets his head out of his ass and does what he should, then I will be cheering that on, but since I might die if I hold my breath that long, I will just say congratulations-life is so sweet!


  3. WoooHooo!!!!!! That’s awesome! Yay! Okay, I’m calm now. This happened with a friend of mine also and the dad never followed through on his part and now her kids are adopted by her new husband.



    This is SO SO SO SO amazingly awesome and super duper great!!!!!!

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!

    It really is up to him now! You have tried, followed the rules and now he needs to man up!!!


  5. Way to go! This is a big first step. You have done all that you possibly can only he can help himself now without Blondie’s help. Just great!! 🙂


  6. That is awesome news!!

    Having a good judge is way important. I’m glad that things are working out in your favor!!!

    You did an amazing job and must be so glad to be done (for now, at least!)


  7. omg!!!! i’m sorry i haven’t been visiting lately… but what a fantastic thing to come back to!! i’m so happy for you and lb!!! woooooooooop!! good judges are hard to come by – so this is just.. just… well, heck — incredibly good. 🙂


  8. Yay!!!!!!!! It’s about time the court system works the way it’s supposed to! Good for you. Just remember that feeling of accomplishment for the next time…there’s no way he’s going to get his act together enough to counteract YOU!


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