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Uranus & Saturn are controlling my dreams

Last night I had a dream about my Court date.

 I dreamed I was in something that resembled a high school auditorium with hundreds of other rowdy, yelling 20-something-year-olds. I was confused. I had all my papers and files and was dressed formally, ready to present my case, but it was obvious this wasn’t a court room. I looked at my peers and even though they were 25-26ish, they were acting like we were back in 1998.

Guys were wearing baggy JNCO jeans, bar-bell necklaces, leopard-print dyed hair, earings. Girls were wearing candy necklaces and pigtails, halter-tops and belly chains. Basically I was at a 1998 rave, except we had aged 10 years.

Then I realized my court date was really a high school debate. All of my 26-year-old rave kid peers were expecting me to put on a show for them: a show they couldn’t care less about. They were making out with each other in their seats, throwing glow-sticks, smoking weed, taking shots off Tequila.

Basically I was reliving my high school experience, where people thought I was the nerdy, brown-nosing, teacher’s pet, getting ready to present my assignment to a class who couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

All of a sudden, on the opposite side of the auditorium, a man entered with an entourage of people. He was wearing prison stripes, and was escorted by 4 armed guards. The entire audience went wild. They cheered and screamed, clapping their hands as if the Backstreet Boys had just walked through that door. The man, of course, was Rooferman.

He walked up to the stage, smiling and waving to people. He was wearing handcuffs, but he didn’t seem to mind. He stood up there grinning like a rock star. Then everyone turned to look at me. I was standing at the back of the auditorium, wondering what the hell was going on. There was no judge, there was no court clerk. I looked like an accountant who had accidentally walked into a Powerman 2000 Concert.

Then it hit me. My fate was to be decided by the audience of my adolecent peers. I had to get up on that stage, dressed like Nancy Drew and try to win over the Ecstasy-rolling, sketcher-wearing, nose-pierced 20-somethings, who obviously favored Rooferman.

I started walking down the aisle, and immediately I was bombarded with insults. My peers were yelling obscenities, calling me a stinking queer, telling me to go home, throwing s*** at me. Rooferman stood up on the stage and laughed, goading them on. He was like a celebrity.

I was about to step up on stage, when the lights flicked on. The Principal, who looked an awful lot like the Judge who is assigned to my case, entered and told everyone that the debate would have to be cancelled and rescheduled for another time. He told the armed guards to take Rooferman back to jail. They drug him off the stage.

I asked the Judge/Principal when I was supposed to come back. He said he didn’t know, I should just keep “checking the dockets” to see if my name was on there. Then he left, and the entire audience vanished.

What happens next is kind of blurry, and I don’t really remember how it all went down. All I can tell is I kept returning to check the dockets, almost obsessively, for the rest of the day. I kept running back and forth between my house, where LB was, and the high school/court. Finally I got so exhausted from running back and forth, I fell asleep under the dockets. When I woke up, I realized I had been asleep for 3 hours and LB had been home alone the entire time.

I ran all the way home (except my home was my office) and my mom was there, holding LB. For some reason there was a table set up with streamers, hats and party plates. There were presents everywhere. My mom looked at me and it was obvious I had left LB alone during her birthday party. People had shown up and left, and LB had been traumatized in the process.

I took LB and raced back to the courthouse, where consquently I had missed my court date.

Right now Uranus is getting into position where it opposes Saturn. In Greek mythology, Saturn and Uranus were old rivals whose power struggle eventually led to the castration and banishment of one, and the rise of the other. This opposition ironically falls on election day, but starts its journey on my court date.

Want to interpret my dream? 🙂


9 thoughts on “Uranus & Saturn are controlling my dreams”

  1. No interpretations here, but crazy dream! Obviously it’s on your brain and has you a bit nervous.

    I dreamed about my ex a few nights ago. (I never dream about him.) I dreamed that we were still married and we were fighting because he wanted to go to an adult Halloween party and I wanted to take Shiloh trick or treating. He has never been in Shiloh’s life, so when I woke up it made me thankful that he isn’t. He was always so selfish, and I can’t imagine him being a good dad. I know my dream doesn’t sound nearly as crazy as yours, but the feelings that went with it just reminded me how stressed and unhappy I was when I was with him.


  2. As long as your intentions are true and you are coming from a place of honesty and goodwill, everything will turn out fine. Maybe not how you want it and when you want it…but it will turn out fine.


  3. Dreams are funny things…I dreamt last night that we were holding a memorial service for my brother who (in the dream) had been the victim of a hate crime, killed years previous on the beach in Miami with his boyfriend.

    Not funny to think of my brother’s death, but funny to think that a gay man would be the victim of a hate crime in Miami of all places!

    I’m pretty sure you’re going to do the proverbial castrating in this one, PH! You’re gonna rock the court apperance.


  4. I think your subconscious is warning you that society still totally loves the idea of Rooferman, that they are really quite content with treating you like shit, but that hey-you are one touch cookie and he has nothing to hold over your head. Nada. Zilch. As for the whole high school thing? Just think-you didn’t like them then, so who cares what they think of you now? Besides, I hear Nancy Drew is preeeety popular these days. You are oging to be fine-no matter what happens, you are going to be fine. And hey, maybe the birthday party part of it means that you are going to have something to celebrate.


  5. Dreams are just a realease so that you don’t go insane…(thank heavens! LOL) Honey, you will be just fine…better than fine…you will be awesome and PREVAIL!!!!


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