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Channeling Queen Latifah

Its a painfully slow day here in my office. My boss has been on 2 different conference calls for the last 4 hours, and my phone hasn’t rung once. The fax lies dead to the world. Hardly any mail is flowing my way. My mind is wandering, which is a BAD thing.

To avoid major neurotic obsessing over tomorrow, I’ve been scouring the virtual astrological stacks. Yes, I’ve been reading about what the universe will look like on D-Day. This cosmic investigation may sound like just another way to obsess, but its given me an outlet for my stress. What have I learned:

October 30th: The moon will go Void of Course ALL DAY LONG. Usually the moon only goes VOC for a few hours, but this time its taking an extended vacation from the planetary aspects. This means that the moon isn’t affected by any other planets, and I quote:

 “Mars has a very healthy kick butt and clean up energy with Saturn offering you the ability to get a great deal accomplished of following up, flowing through, finishing and moving on.”

Woo hoo!

Also, This website informs me that

“In the personal realm wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is an area of new potential for you regarding shared resources, values, your own personal debt, as well as your deeper, internal reserves of courage and passion for life. “

In my birth chart, I have Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter is the “Lucky” planet, as well as the planet which rules humor, authority, management, ambition, finances and positions of power. With Scorpio hanging out with Jupiter, it adds intensity, intrigue, passion and intuitiveness.


Other celebrity Pisceans with Jupiter in Scorpio are: Mary Chapin Carpenter, Andy Gibb, Alan Thicke and Queen Latifah. I’m thinking if this little white girl can channel the awesomeness of Queen Latifah…

ok….maybe I have driven myself into neurosis.


15 thoughts on “Channeling Queen Latifah”

  1. What time, EXACTLY, are you going to be at the courthouse? Because since we are virtually neighbors, I can send up good vibes at exactly the right moment. And dude (ette?)-I love Queen Latifah, and yeah, you CAN channel her, I KNOW it.


  2. Got an application for my board of directors today that mentioned your speech at our luncheon. The applicant, who is herself a former single mom who now works with the tribe and produces independent documentaries, said that hearing you talk with such passion about not being afraid anymore, for your daughter’s sake, made her realize that all her experiences have given her something to give back to her community. You are an inspiration, chica, and no matter what happens tomorrow, your daughter is blessed to have such a strong woman in her life. Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you.


  3. Will be sending good vibes your way at 5pm EST…I think. My math is a little fuzzy this morning as I only slept 2.5 hours last night. So if 5 isn’t right, someone please correct me.

    We want to hear from you as soon as you’re done!

    I love me some Queen L (almost as much as MJB!) and will hum a tune while I send good vibes.

    Single Mama love to you!!!!!


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