single mom

Nazi Hunters unite

I think the psycho rednecks in our state took this one just a little too far. Just a sick reminder that for every granola-eating, backpacking hippie in Colorado, there’s a trigger-happy, NRA preaching, Planned Parenthood-attacking, Hummer-driving bigot to negate any positive energy that arises.

Living in a battle ground state is kind of scary right now. I swear if I hear another “Yes on 48” radio ad, I’m going stick forks in my eyes and mail them to the Focus on the Family Headquarters. Or maybe we can all re-enact the infamous “dog head scene” from the movie Fear?



6 thoughts on “Nazi Hunters unite”

  1. Wow. That’s pretty crazy. Some people are so stupid. I mean really, what did they think they would accomplish with that. I’ll be glad when this election is over.


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