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I’ve received many tidings of comfort and joy this week.

Kori, who would be Athena if she were a Greek Goddess, sent me two awesome books. When they arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I almost screamed with delight. The arrival of her books also magically lured my lost (since last Thursday) Netflix back to its rightful owner, so a double whammy of presents were blissfully accepted.

 I haven’t been this excited about getting mail since I won the flat iron from Ms. Single Mama. Blog buddies are the best! I seriously debated on starting each book simultaneously, reading one from each hand, but I settled for Mothers Who Think and flipped directly to the recommended story, “Mother Anger”.

Kori, I laughed so hard I cried. The post I wrote was completely validated. I no longer feel like selfish single mommy. Hell if a successful, kick-ass single mom writer has murderous thoughts about her son, I think I’m doing ok. So thanks Kori, I know I’m like 10 years behind the rest of the literary world, but I really appreciate your gift. I can’t wait to devour the rest of the book (and move on to the second one…wooo hooo!)

I’ve also been asked to contribute my writing to this website: Rm_button_2 Which would be my first “freelance” blogging/writing (hell who knows what to call it) opportunity since starting my little bloglet. The coolest thing about the site is their contract to syndicate your posts to print newspapers and magazines, so if my writing ever reaches that caliber, it could show up in a Colorado publication somewhere. 🙂

And now on to act three of joyful events:

I know this is going to be pretty out of the blue for alot of my new bloggy friends, because the last time it happened was almost one year ago (to the day), and that was before I met this amazing plethora of single parents. I really didn’t think it was going to happen again, having gone a whole year without any interest expressed in me, but once again, the unexpected has shown its true colors.

 This is the post I wrote  almost one year ago. I’ll admit, its somewhat ignorant and I have a few problems with the flippant attitude I expressed. In case people haven’t realized, I try to deflect negativity by making jokes and having “Its really not that big a deal” attitude. I really didn’t want to link that post, but I think its valuable to see how much I’ve changed and matured in the 12 months. After going through the process, I understand the seriousness, the dedication and the love these parents have for their soon-to-be child.

Liz, who would be the Greek Goddess Artemis in a parallel universe, expressed fear on blogging about relationships, wondering if she would be rejected from the “Single Mom Club.” Now I have the same fear. How must this look: A single mom, struggling in a volatile economy, suddenly presented with a 2nd opportunity to help one lucky woman experience the joy of childbirth…oh and receive substantial compensation with I’m at it.

I don’t know enough about my fellow single parent bloggers to guess their opinions on this topic, but I still stand firmly in my belief that pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most vital, life-changing experiences any woman can have, and to give that ability to another woman is incredible and just as life-changing. I cannot express the utter joy I felt last January when my couple told me their ultrasound confirmed a heartbeat. The letter of thanks I received afterwards moved me in such a way, I can only describe as religious (and this is coming from someone who has a great deal of skepticism about the topic in general).

So my dear bloggy friends, life has given me a shot of adrenaline once again. My court date is 8 days away.

The Moon is in the sign of Leo today, which means its time to show your stuff; Individual expression is key, celebrate in your own inner lion, or in my case, revel in the fact that someone thinks highly of my Piscean DNA. If you run into someone who seems eager to put on a performance (even if its a tad over-the-top), smile and be a captivated audience. Just for today.


13 thoughts on “Tidings”

  1. I would hope that no woman or man would be judgmental in your decision here. It is something that brings joy to you and others; what could possibly be horrible about that?
    I smoke and am not willing to give that up, so that’s as much as I’ve thought about being an egg donor!
    I’m totally jealous Kori sent you presents.


  2. You’re giving eggs … You’re GIVING eggs. That means someone will have a new life, because of YOU. And that, my friend, rocks. Hard.

    May I admire you? 🙂


  3. I think it’s fantastic that you’re donating!!

    I’m not sure what to think of being Artemis. Clearly I need to go check out the Wikipedia link. But let’s be clear — I have no relationships in my life. NONE. Nada. I’m was afraid of the blogging wrath, but not because I have fantastic news about a boy. I got nothing.



  4. WOOHOO at being asked to write!! That is SOOOOO super amazing! WELL DONE!!!!

    I have actually played with the idea of donating eggs. One of my best friends does it! I think its pretty cool!

    So go for it 😉


  5. I think it’s great that you’re able to give someone else the joy of having a child. That’s wonderful. My cousin has been trying to have a baby for a few years now, and I can’t even imagine how hard that must be. Congrats on the writing thing. And presents are always fun!


  6. Where to start? If you haven’t found it already, read, “One Drip at a Time” next-it is my second favorite. I am so glad they arrived, and glad you got what you needed out of that Mother Anger one-isn’t it great to be validated? I don’t know about the Athena thing-the virgin goddess? The one who is a spinster? Still, a goddess is a goddess, right? Glad you like them. Keeo me posted.

    Then, the whole donating eggs thing is freaking awesome. I too think that people who want SO badly and are willing to expend a lot of time and effort and heartbreak and joy into becoming parents should have the chance, and I think it so cool that you can and are willing to. And the substantial compensation is just an added bonus.

    Congrats on the wroting this-words fail me because I am green wuth jealousy.

    And court in 8 days? HOW did that GET here already?


  7. Ah, the moon in Leo. Hehehe…go Leo power. I’m so excited for your next donation, that is very cool. And seriously, what a difference a year makes =)


  8. Kori- Rocky Mountain Mom Blogs are still looking for writers, so you should email them. I hear Los Angeles Mom Blogs are looking for writers too, so if any of yall who live out there in Cali want to check it out, click on RMMB button.


  9. Dude, your donation is so amazing. I considered doing it once or twice but I have to admit the idea of having a son or daughter out there that I’ll never know kinda weirded me out when I was single, and now that I’m married it seems kinda wrong. But you’re totally amazing–I raise my hat to you sir.


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