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Mommy One & Baby One

LB always has something in each hand: Two halves of a peanut butter sandwich, two crayons, two blocks, a teddy bear and a My Little Pony. Usually when she plays, she won’t select a single doll, animal, marker or crayon. She will pick up a “Mommy One” and a “Baby One.”  Ideally, she will find a small teddy bear and a larger teddy bear and carry them around/make them talk/dance/eat..etc.

I acquired two sets of watercolor paints from my office, soI try to sit down with LB at her Tinkerbell table at least twice a week so we can paint together. Obviously, the idea of “keeping the colors separate” means nothing to a paintbrush happy 2-year-old, so the yellow eventually turns brown, the green turns purple, the orange turns red, but its fun (once I curb my instinct to keep the colors pretty).

After we are finished, she helps me clean up the table, hangs up her painting on the fridge and hands me the two sets of paints.

“Here’s the Baby One and the Mommy One. Put them away for next time.”

Have I mentioned she’s a little bossy?

Last night as I watched the horrible display of footballing by the Broncos, LB drew with a pink marker and pink crayon. The marker of course was “The Mommy One” and the crayon was…yeah you get the picture. Whatever she can find, the bigger one is always “Mommy” and the smaller one is “Baby.”

At the park she insisted I hold her “Mommy and Baby apples” while she occupied herself with the toddler toys. I spent an hour holding a soggy, half-rotted crab apple she had found, and a similar-looking choke cherry in my bare hands. Any attempt to put them down resulted in “DON”T LEAVE MY APPLES!”

As annoying as it is, I can’t help but smile.


15 thoughts on “Mommy One & Baby One”

  1. Oh, how lovely! Girls are definitly sweeter than boys. Owen is all “Go away me. I tell daddy you!” or this morning, when he threw Sam’s violin case and I picked him up and swatted his behind, “Eli, mommmy HIT me!” Want to trade?


  2. Son does that too! Although it’s usually the bigger Thomas trucks and the littler Thomas trucks (the wooden v. the metal)

    And unfortunately, it’s usually Daddy truck and “Son’s name” truck.

    No mom in the mix. Whatevah.


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