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I feel skippy today. You would have never known that 48 hours ago I resembled single mommy roadkill on the bathroom floor. It felt good to be back to work. Everyone was so chipper and happy that I was feeling better, it was kind of nice.

LB made her first appearance in the local paper this weekend. FRONT AND BACK PAGE (I guess couldn’t pick just ONE adorable picture of her). The article was mostly about Head Start looking for a new building to house their program, and they just happened to pick LB’s class for the photo-op. My boss has the newspaper clippings all over my office 🙂

Just when I feel all warm and fuzzy about my employer, I get a notification from that other job I applied for, that I’ve met the general requirements and I will receive further instructions on the mandatory test date. Its been so long since my application that I had almost forgotten about it. Honestly, since the State of Colorado ordered a hiring freeze after the stock market started plummeting, I had pretty much given up hope, but I guess I squeaked passed the cutoff.

I also returned to work yesterday and found a box stocked with goodies under my desk. I’m talking pancake mix, maple syrup, pasta, cereal, cookies, mac & cheese….the works. I’ve already been asked by one of my co-workers if I want to be the recipient of Project Merry Christmas, which is a little weird to me. I remember stuffing Christmas boxes with my mom when she worked for social services, and now I’m the one getting the boxes.

 Its still a little early for all of that, so I wondered who my mystery Santa Claus was. My very conservative, Christian co-worker (she’s either acted in or directed the Passion Play every year) told me a little mouse must have left that box for me. I was shocked and completely grateful of course, but there’s a whole other post coming up about this topic. My complex relationship with organized religion has a long and twisted past and I can’t get into it as merely a sub-topic. All I can say is “Thank You Kim!” (she has her own blog, and has probably tracked mine down by now).

I’m going to meet with Lawyerdude today. I am going to present my 7-page proposition for Sole Parental Responsibility (Physical Custody), my 3-page outline for what exactly I’m going to ask for in court, and my 2+ (still in the works) page for Sole Decision-Making Responsibility (Legal Custody). I’m also going to get the breakdown on the legal jargon contained in “Civil Rules of Procedure.” During my court observations, I’ve seen Judges throw the book at the uninformed Pro-Se peeps, telling them if they don’t know the rules, they are basically screwing themselves. Lets hope I can learn the rules in 14 days.

P.S. I’m using some of that hunk of Child Support Cash to pay for Lawyerdude’s advice. I would mention the law of Karma again, but I’m afraid she’s getting pissy with me using her name so damn much, and will come back to bite me in the ass.


7 thoughts on “Skippy”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. As far as the Christmas goodies, that’s great, but I think I understand the weirdness too. Someone at work gave me $500 last year for Christmas money, because they knew I had to cash in my X-mas account and had no X-mas money. I was so grateful, but it was really weird too. (And I don’t know who gave me the money.)

    Also, at my church every year they do a gift thing for kids in the community with a parent in prison. My ex is in prison, so they always give Shiloh some presents. It feels strange to me because I don’t have alot of money, but Shiloh doesn’t lack anything, and I’m not good at accepting charity. I hate feeling like I’m a charity case or like I can’t take care of my family. I hate to think that people may look at me as a victim.

    Apparently I have issues, so I’ll shutup now. Haha.


  2. Having been the recipient of all sorts of different things like that, some anonymous and some not, I think the only thing you can do it be grateful. I understand about feeling wierd, but the conclusion I have come to is that the reason people choose to help you-anonymously or not-is because you AREN’T a victim. You are simply a single mom who struggles with money, and you are working your butt off to make it, and even go above and beyond. People see that, and they WANT to help. That is my opinion, anyway.


  3. So glad you’re better!

    I always have a hard time accepting help…in all it’s forms. All you can do is say thank you.

    Crossing my fingers for job and court stuff!


  4. That helping out thing does take some getting used to especially when you;re not used to it. Glad you’re feeling better. Good luck with the test and the court. I think Lawyerdude will say you have your stuff together!


  5. What great news – all of it! I’m glad things are slightly better for you at work when this possible opportunity might be coming your way. It means you can actually make a choice!
    I’m also so proud of you (if that doesn’t sound too condescending) for all your legal work – your daughter will know, as you will have proof, no matter what – that you fought for what you feel is best for her.


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