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As I was sitting through disc 3 of Planet Earth, I started thinking about Jenn3’s post about how she hardly ever cries. Then I started thinking about what a sap I used to be. If it was a Disney movie, I would cry. If it was a traumatic animal story, I would cry. I used to cry during Milo and Otis for Christ’s sake. When i was pregnant, I cried at the local news.

Since I’m totally fine with public humiliation at this point, why not expose my dirty laundry for the world to see?

 Movies that made me cry the first time:

  • Steel Magnolias
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven (I was 10 I think)
  • Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (Jiji has never let me live this one down)
  • The Lion King

Movies that made me cry the first seven times:

  •  Titanic (I was 16 when it came out, so give me a break, ok?)
  • White Fang (they showed it during my 2nd grade class, and I was the only one who cried)
  • Dances With Wolves (Now I just laugh at Kevin Costner’s white ass)
  • Selena (sometimes I still cry, actually)
  • Requiem for a Dream (I didn’t think I could ever get through this one without puking or crying, but I did eventually)
  • Bowling for Columbine
  • Fahrenheit 9/11

Movies that still make me cry:

  • Friday Night Lights (even guys cry during this movie)
  • Fried Green Tomatoes (BUDDYYY!!!)
  • The Land Before Time (yeah, I know)
  • Moulin Rouge (watching Ewan McGreggor cry still gets me)
  • The English Patient
  • Sicko
  • Boys Don’t Cry
  • The Joy Luck Club (um what mother didn’t cry when she drowned her baby?)
  • A Little Princess
  • Whale Rider

Ok. Maybe I’m still a sap. Maybe I’m just a Pisces.

What movies used to make you cry when you were a kid? What movies still make you cry?


14 thoughts on “Tearjerkers”

  1. I guess I can’t be your friend anymore… Haha. Kidding. I don’t think I’ve cried at any of the movies on your list, but I’ve never seen The Joy Luck Club and there’s a reason I didn’t cry during Titanic:

    I watched it in the theater with my cousin the first time. She started crying (sobbing loudly) as soon as the ship started sinking. She continued crying for the rest of the movie (30 minutes?). It was loud. You could hear it all through the theater. People were staring. I was so embarrassed by her that I didn’t cry. It’s funny now, but she sobbed. Haha.

    My heart isn’t completely made of ice though. One movie that makes me cry, no matter how many times I watch it is A River Runs Through It. I don’t know why. There is no emotion in the movie when Pauly dies and yet it makes me cry everytime. And there are some movies that give me the lump in the throat and tears behind my eyes, I just don’t actually boo-hoo or anything. I haven’t watched anything with a child dying, since I’ve been a mom, so if anything would get me, that would be it. Guess I’m just a weirdo. Oh, I think Pass It Forward made me shed a tear or two, but I did it discreetly.


  2. Goin-Crazy- I think Thelma and Louise was my Beaches. I didn’t even see Beaches until a few years ago, but yeah it def made me tear up.

    Oh Jenn, you aren’t made of ice, you are kick ass! I cry during a River Runs Through it too, and Legends of the Fall- OMG I BAWLED! I was also that sobbing fool at Titanic, ALL SEVEN TIMES…yeah I know I’m a dork.


  3. I loved the Whale Rider-even Sam cries every time we watch it. Pay it Forward. August Rush. Okay, here are the embarrassing ones: Ransom, Lilo and Stitch (our family is little, but not broken), and Meet the Robinsons. Remember the Titans.


  4. I’m a hard-ass…LOL…I’m still waiting for a movie to come around that DOES make me cry. 😦 My brain gets stuck in ‘it’s only a movie’ mode….


  5. Kori-Whale Rider has to be one of my favorite movies. Its so beautfiul and sad and awesome. AND ABOUT A “BROKEN FAMILY”!

    Littlemansmom- Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In film school, we called you an audience member who refuses to succumb to the “suspension of disbelief”


  6. They always get me with movies in which parents or children die or are in danger, sad, or hurt. Yeah, that covers a lot…but I don’t know, something about the parent-child bond is just my Achilles’ heel. Silly me.


  7. I cry at many movies, I am a pisces also so the tendency is to be emotional, I have finally come to terms with that, even when others find it uncomofortable, I take comfort that there are some of us who cry at cartoons and I cried at “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” this weekend, with my step children…I am a moosh and everyone knows it…take joy! gabi


  8. It is in our nature as Pisces to cry! I cry over commercials, movie trailers, and well just about everything. Into the Wild made me ball my eyes out, as did most of the movies on your list. I think that since we do cry, we are more emotionally evolved than others! (or at least that is what I tell myself….=D )


  9. It’s not the crying that bothers me (I’m a sap, too. I used to cry at Hallmark commercials – before I got a DVR and stopped watching commercials), it’s the fact that you’ve seen Titanic 7 times.


  10. I think I actually cried harder with each time I went to see Titanic (and I think I saw it in the theater about 3 or 4 times).

    I cried at the end of Lucky Number Slevin. I still don’t understand how that happened.


  11. Karate Kid 2 still makes me cry. When Mr. Miyagi saves his old rival by karate chopping the telephone pole off his chest and they make up. The sad part is, I’m not kidding.


  12. Selena is pretty sad. When I saw that movie with Debra Winger who had cancer. I can’t even think of the name. When she’s talking to her boys… I wasn’t really a crier until I grew up. But Lion King was up there.


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