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Breaking News #2

Upon further investigation into the mysterious cash appearing in my account, the office of Child Support Enforcement revealed that the deposit had come not from the deadbeat himself, but from his employer.

Yes, he had his paycheck withheld. Yes, he is obviously working through a legitimate business again. Back when we were engaged, I fronted the money to start his own independent contracting business. I also paid for the license and his business cards. I wrote up invoices, faxed bids to clients and basically did all his secretarial work, while living off WIC and buying diapers through the Coinstar.

The day we got his business license, I remember him swearing off working for another “Hack-Job, Asshole, Two-Bit Roofing Company.” He was going to be his own boss, and never go back getting paid by the square. Of course, when things got bad; when he would screw-up a job, or someone would “stiff” him money, he would slink back to his ex-boss, and ask for a job.

Looks like things got bad for Rooferman. I bet they are even worse now that his entire paycheck is gone. I’m trying really hard not to feel a tiny bit of redemption, can you tell?

Other events scheduled for today:

  1. Parenting Class per court order ( I am not showing up to my Status Conference without EVERY REQUIREMENT met). 
  2. A haircut. The white trashness has reached its maximum.
  3. A little black dress I was eyeing at the local hippie store, but couldn’t afford to buy.
  4. Dragging JL to Singles Meet and Greet. I even got a babysitter!

I hope I see Sushi Boy, because I will promptly ignore him all night. Go comment bomb Karmatee, and harass her into going too.


10 thoughts on “Breaking News #2”

  1. Oi thats a little hectic but hey actions have consequences!!

    The only thing that made my ex start paying regularly was sending the cops there to take all his stuff. He hasnt missed a payment since!!

    ENJOY the singles meet and greet 😉


  2. Yeah, I had to do the parenting class also. Fun stuff. It actually wasn’t that bad.

    Good for you! Buy yourself a dress and have fun at your singles thing. You deserve it!


  3. We are living through Roofer Hell right now with our properties. Our first contractors were good, but we couldn’t afford to have them do one of our other properties. My husband found someone else who gave a Too Good To Be Believed quote and its coming back to bite us on the ass. Or their ass, rather, because we got the city inspector out before they bailed on the job and now they are forced to deal with their hack-job.

    Have fun tonight, chica.


  4. I loved the parenting class I had to take, even though I initally was resentful because my own personal rooferman was in JAIL so didn’t have to take it, and of the two of us he was the one who really needed it. So I hope it is a positive experience for you! And yeah, there is a certain amount of satisfaction in the whol event, isnt’ there? That has nothign to do with the actual $$. Hope you have a great time at the meet and greet thing; buy the dress, look hot, and ignore sushi boy.


  5. Overall, sounds like a fun night! Hopefully you’ll meet someone at Singles Night. I bet RM is so mad! And what about his girlfriend. Poor girl. Oh well, what goes around comes around.


  6. Oh ya, it’s way easier when they get a real job. My X is a carpenter who has a similar story, if he isn’t working for himself he’s working under the table. However currently he is working for a legitimate company. He claims last week he only $4 from his paycheck 🙂

    However when he’s not complaining about child support he’s bragging about cash side jobs. Scum Bag!


  7. I am trying to track down my ex he is in arrears for 1 year. Maintenance Enforcement as far as im concerned sucks so how do i find this loser i know what town he lives in but only that since his family covers for lhim.


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