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Guitar Hero Parenting

Yesterday as I was driving Boo Boo Bear home from daycare, I heard this coming from the back seat:

“Sloww Wide….Tekkit Eassyyyy”

I commenced full-on hysterical laughing, much to my daughter’s delighted confusion. I asked her if “Spot” at daycare had taught her that. “Spot” is what she now calls her teacher, instead of “Scott.”

This morning I jokingly asked “Spot” if they were showing Dazed and Confused as the afternoon movie. He laughed and said “I think some of the kids’ parents play a lot of Guitar Hero, because they are always singing that song in here.”

I had to laugh again. Freaking Guitar Hero? I thought I was bad, coming from a generation who associates “Slow Ride” with Dazed and Confused, rather than the actual band. Now its not even the real song, its from a video game. LB’s generation may not even know that songs come from a real person.  My parents, the music-loving hippies would be mortified.


13 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Parenting”

  1. OMG what are the odds that you would post about that today?? I have been singing that song all day and thinking about that movie. I saw Dazed and Confused when I got sober again in ’94 (October) and this is the month I always reminicse about it. Coinky-dink I tell ‘ya (just channeling my inner Palin, dontcha’ you…)


  2. Ha Ha! My kids love Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot so I hear a lot of “I like big butts and I cannot lie”. Their other favorite? Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls… “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” Nothing funnier than a 4 yr old boy singing Pussycat Doll lyrics.


  3. My daughter likes Baby Got Back too. And it’s great when a kid starts singing some oldies but goodies, no matter how they learn them! Hey, it’s not Hannah Montana or the Jonases…they are broadening their horizons! 🙂


  4. Love that game. My favorite song to play is also Welcome to the Jungle and that Rage Against the Machine Song “F U I won’t do what you tell me.” (can’t think of the name)

    That is too cute. Kids really pick up on the songs and lyrics I see.


  5. I had a moment of real shame last year as a parent when Sylvia didn’t have any clue who the Beatles were. I couldn’t help thinking, “I have failed as a parent.” Then again, we don’t have Guitar Hero, so I guess that explains it!


  6. He he he I love you guys!

    Karma- I WISH! Spot/Scott already has a way cute, blonde girlfriend, who also works at the daycare, but in the preschool next door. *sigh* Such a shame, since he is way cute and I’ve had a crush on him for so many different reasons since day one.


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