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Breaking News

$1117.00 was just deposited into my account. Can you guess where it came from? Can you guess who’s trying to make himself look good in front of a judge? I’m thinking somebody was just served with papers today, and is panicking at how much he currently owes his daughter.

I wonder if I will get a call asking to see LB this weekend.

Thank God for the money. My bank balance was $17.59 and it would have to suffice until October 24. I’ve already scavenged the saltines and mustard packets off the salad bar today for lunch, and was planning on making good dinner-use of the numerous boxes of Chicken Bullion my grandma gave me. Now I can buy LB her beloved Bananas and chocolate soy milk.

Still, I think I should rename my blog “Out of Blue” or “Hit and Run” because that’s what my life certainly feels like. This should be a good thing, but once again, anxiety is clutching my stomach. What person wouldn’t jump for joy at a grand  in their bank account? For me, its like a frying pan to the face; my eyes watering with bile in my throat.

12 thoughts on “Breaking News”

  1. Make sure you get your statements printed out to show the courts that he deposited the money shortly after being served. That will speak volumes. I’m glad you got the money, P. You deserve every dollar.


  2. I’m so glad you got the money!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely know what a relief it must be.

    I agree with Kristin, too — Keep detailed records of when the money comes. My ex had a bad habit of squeezing in visits/deposits just before we had to appear in court.

    Yeah for bananas and chocolate soy milk (both of which Will had with his dinner tonight — favorites around here, too!).


  3. Yay!!!!!! Money!!!!! I am so happy for you. I know us single mamas can squeeze two nickels out of a penny…but geez…Oct. 24th! Thank god he got served…perfect timing for his guilty conscience to kick in!

    ((Doing the happy money dance!)) 😉


  4. First off, rejoice in the $$$!!!!

    Secondly, be sure you’re keeping a record of how much he’s giving you when. You still have an argument for the lack of consistency. It’s all well and good to throw some $$ in your account, but if you can’t count on it, then it doesn’t really help you with your cost of living now, does it?


  5. I’m with Jenn Yay for money! But I understand the fear associated with it.

    After everything I live in fear that a judge will look at the things ex has done w/out context and rule against me. It probably won’t ever happen but there is no way I can afford a court battle.

    Document everything you can. I have this huge folder/ calendar with everything written down. All the nasty e-mails printed out. All the half founded accusations with my thoughts and the truth clearly written out.


  6. I am literally breathing a sigh of relief for you over here in Idaho; of course the bananas and coy milk factor in, but wow, it is just awesome. And I would think that the fact that he HASN’T paid anything until now makes it just as obvious to a judge that he is just doing it out of fear.


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