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Hockey Mom Red vs. Single Parent Blue

Watching the presidential debate made me tense, but just looking at Sarah Palin’s face multiplied that tension by a thousand. Her energy was right up there with a crack addict’s. It wasn’t an inspirational, confident energy, it was a cheek-eating smile, frantically trying to search for the right words, soccer-mom on meth energy. She stressed me out. I couldn’t look at her.

Joe Biden’s energy was calm, reassuring, confident, wise, and controlled. His voice was such a polar opposite to Palin’s, that watching them go back and forth was like swimming a marathon: Hold your breath, take a breath, exhale, inhale, clench, release, tense-up, relax.

Biden was such a soothing presence to Palin’s Gee-Willy-Gosh-Darnit-Up-There-In-Alaska fever. When he talked about losing his wife and being a single parent, I got all choked up. As soon as Palin starting talking about her special needs child, I was like “Oh Christ, there it is. She lowered the boom.” Biden shot right back though, telling the audience that he knows just as well as any other parent what its like to have a kid who might not make it. YOU GO BOY!

Its Friday. The high for this Sunday is expected to be 48 degrees. Oh God, is winter really that close already? Now I’m off to get Rooferman served. Wish me luck so the cops can actually find  him, and he doesn’t make a psychotic appearance this weekend.


13 thoughts on “Hockey Mom Red vs. Single Parent Blue”

  1. Mrgle gurgle. Good luck with that. You weren’t already planning to take LB out of town this weekend, were you? If not, you might want to start planning…


  2. Watching her speak makes me tense, too. It was a painful 90 minutes. I was so grateful that Biden brought up his family. It was necessary to make note of the fact that Palin hasn’t cornered the market on hardship.


  3. That woman is just plain scary. I felt the same way watching her, her pageant answers and contrived smiles and responses made me gag. I got choked up when Biden was talking about being a single parent as well(and he did too) and made me want to cheer. Only one month left until Election day, my fingers are crossed!!!!


  4. OMG – I love your title “Hockey Mom Red vs Single Parent Blue” I’m so going to be stealing that in my political confabs!
    Very best of luck getting Rooferman served. One step at a time.


  5. Great blog. I didn’t get to watch the debate last night… coming in from “back to school night” there was much to do. But reading your rendition makes me feel like I did! lol

    oh and I def need to get caught up when it comes to rooferman… i will try to do that soon.


  6. I had to turn it off because she was stressing me out so much. You described her energy perfectly. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, all I knew was the TV had to go off. NOW.

    Good luck with Rooferman, and sorry about the weather. Our temps took a sudden dive this week, too. Last week Son was wearing shorts… now he’s wearing a coat. WTF?


  7. Agreed, it was painful, but made for some good Twitter convo. I agree and Biden is from Delaware which is 20 minutes from here so I know the places he talks about so I think that moves me a little more.


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