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Aren’t the weekends for relaxing?

5 hours of Oktoberfest+22-month-old boy+28-month-old girl+single mom+dad on his own+Huskey/St. Bernard Mix = Exhausting

We started off at the toddler park, where there was a birthday going on. My friend’s Huskey/St. Bernard jumped right into the middle of the action, trying to steal burritos off the picnic table. LB refused to go potty in a civilized toilet, but decided that the bushes at the park were a sufficient alternative.  Likewise, Superdog had an inkling that the birthday party would be a perfect spot to um…yeah you get the picture.

My friend locked up the canine offender, but it was clear our White Trashness had already been a major buzzkill on the super caffeinated, Polo-garbed parents. I was also ranting about politics, which is a total no-no at any birthday party/playground setting.  So we moved our posse downtown.

Durango is small, but has enough community organizations and college kids to close down Main Street and have a block party almost every weekend. Live bands from Denver and Albuquerque = major turnout and lots of beer drinkage on Saturday. Fortunately there was a jumpy castle, which both intrigued and terrified LB. After toddler adrenaline rush, we bobbed for apples and attempted a sit-down lunch (failed miserably).

My dad took half the day to drag his reluctant hippie self from the hot springs and join us downtown, but he did finally show up. At that point, there was major 2-year-old trippage to the darkside, and I had strapped my child into the stroller for mommy-enforced nap (failed miserably). Grandpa decided he wanted a beer, and ditched us from some microbrews.

In an attempt to get LB to sleep, I walked my ass up and down Main Street, which yielded nothing more than a toddler’s equivilent of flipping me the bird.

Met up with JL, who works 6-days a week, and was closing her scrapbook store for the night. Decided we should make some tacos at Curmudge’s house and play some Wii. Kids crashed out, and adults stayed up till 1:30 am, playing video games and drinking wine.

Sunday: Watched the Bronco suckfest at Kansas City. Spent money on beauty products I really can’t afford. Was highly disappointed with Speed Racer, but probably would have enjoyed it if I were tripping on acid. LB stole JL’s high-liter and filled an entire page with scribbles. I asked her what it was and she said “Snake!”

Its Monday, and I’m already beat.


13 thoughts on “Aren’t the weekends for relaxing?”

  1. My weekend wasnt far behind that! It involved way too many kids!!!

    But it sounds like it was fun 😉

    Oh and yes I am TOTALLY a nerd for watching Save the Last Dance but I was exhausted and it was the only thing on TV worth watching ;-p


  2. “which yielded nothing more than a toddler’s equivilent of flipping me the bird.”

    I about spit my drink out I was laughing so hard at this!!


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