single mom

I got a standing O!

Before Speech:

  • Vomitous
  • Pasty
  • Sweaty
  • forgot to be political and wear “No on 48” pin
  • Repeated scribbling
  • Barely touching ceasar salad
  • 2% Brain function

After Speech:

  • Blushing
  • Giggling
  • Even sweatier
  • High as a kite
  • Still mad I forgot my damn sticker
  • Devouring chocolate cake
  • 120% Brain function

Old ladies hugged me afterwards. I actually heard people sniffing. People stopped eating to hear what I had to say. I didn’t spew. And people got up off their seats and clapped for me. It was the best high I’ve ever had.

Remember that scene from the movie Waitress?  Where Keri Russel starts having an affair with the hot doctor and she walks through an entire montage smiling from ear to ear? Yeah, that’s how I feel right now.

Another fear conquered. I could debate McCain tonight.


17 thoughts on “I got a standing O!”

  1. Oh my! I was right there with how you were feeling beforehand. That being said I’m so glad you nailed your speech. Great job! You should be smiling from ear to ear. After that you deserve it!


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