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Single Moms on Planet Earth

Laying on the couch feeling sorry for yourself usually does not pave the way for groundbreaking realizations. However, laying on the couch watching Planet Earth on Netflix, makes for a single mom feel-good factory of hope and inspiration.

My good friends raved about Planet Earth because they, being good harmless Stoners, like to get ripped and watch the Discovery and Food Channels. Yeah, remember my obsession with Intervention (I can’t link to my post since I DELETED IT grrr)? Never once saw a weed smoker on there. Saw tons of Alcoholics, and guess what? Alcohol is legal!

Ok I’m really not going to get into the whole “legalize it” debate. I live in Colorado, its going to be on the ballot one day.

So upon rave reviews, I added Planet Earth to my Netflix, and since I was conveniently depressed/sick/ragging/at home yesterday, I proceeded to watch all 3 hours of disc one. Within 15 minutes, I was calling my Stoner friends, my sister the lesbian Geologist, ranting “Did you know that in Ethiopia…”

Uh, yeah we knew. We HAVE television. Uh yeah, I’ve BEEN to Ethiopia. Once again, this single mom is a year behind the rest of the entertainment world, and I used to be on the cutting edge, man!

Why was I ranting into my phone in maniacal menstrual madness? Because Planet Earth is all about single moms. Its about a single mama Snow Leopard, without any help, dragging a full grown Ibex up the Siberian cliffs in a raging blizzard to feed her cub. Its about a single mama Polar bear watching her cubs and simultaneously hunting for food. Its about single mama Panda Bear sitting alone in her den, nursing her cub, with no one to bring her something to eat. Its about survival, and the instinct to protect your child.

Obviously we are a highly developed species with the conveniences of modern human life. I can’t compare my pushing a shopping cart down the aisles of a grocery store to dragging a 300 lb goat up a cliff face with my teeth. But the intent is still the same: to ensure the survival of my child.

In a complicated, manufactured way, I follow a single mom’s guide to survival: I get up every morning. I wash, clothe and feed my child. I take her to a safe place while I hunt for a money. I use money to provide shelter, food and transportation. I repeat the process.

See? There is dignified, beautiful, natural honor in being a single mom.

Or maybe I have been thrown into full blown Hormonal Psychosis where I see myself as a Snow Leopard.


19 thoughts on “Single Moms on Planet Earth”

  1. Sorry man but this made me laugh!!!

    I never ever thought about a single mama polar bear in that way 😉 And we watch Animal Planet alot!

    BUT there is definately “dignified, beautiful, natural honor in being a single mom”


  2. Well, finally! You’re catching up in the world! 😛 Whenever you want to watch the other disks just let me know! The vampirus toothus rocks!!


  3. Planet Earth is awesome. I Netflixed them about six months ago. All you single mamas do work it pretty hard, no matter what species. Football was fun, you know they play Kansas City this weekend if you wanna come over again =) Love ya!


  4. (((Never once saw a weed smoker on there. Saw tons of Alcoholics, and guess what? Alcohol is legal)))

    AMEN Sister :0)

    The Planet Earth series totally rocks…Absolutely stunning!!


  5. YYYEEESSS!!! I am laughing outloud. You made my day with this post. My heart feels a little bigger and warmer and also I am still smiling over the snow leopard line. A day well spent, I believe.


  6. I guess I finally need to get around to watching Planet Earth! (Actually, I think I saw a commercial on the Discovery Channel last week saying they’re going to replay Planet Earth over the next few weeks… I’ll have to check on that!)

    And a little “yes! exactly!” to the weed comment…


  7. Now you’ve got me craving a little Planet Earth! Great line about the honor in being a single mom. Made my day. I going to print this out and put it on my fridge…I need to hear that every once in a while. Do you know I don’t have one other single mom friend in real life? How is that even possible?


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