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Sick in so many ways

Woke up with a screaming sore throat and runny nose. Tummy was acting all wierd too. Probably isn’t helping that I hopped aboard the monthly train to hormone town this morning. Popped some green tea, Pro-biotics, Emergen-C and one of those “created by a school teacher” pills, in hopes I would get myself into the Monday morning groove.

Didn’t happen.

Drove into town and dropped LB off at daycare, where she demanded “I want my Scott.”  Have you figured out who Scott is? Yeah, the new male teacher, who apparently is “hers” now.

Drove home. Passed out until noon. Got up, drove back into town for my Child Care Assistance appointment at Dept. of Human Services. Got denied. After filtering my monthly income through some equation, my co-pay would have been be more than “cost of care.” In layman’s terms: I currently pay $275 (the monthly tuition for Early Head start), and Colorado Child Care Assistance decided based on my income, I should be able to afford a $299 co-pay before they will help out.  Obviously, I’m telling the State of Colorado to shove it.

Nothing on the dockets today. No legal education to absorb. No word yet on the fee waiver.

Rooferman made an unexpected appearance this weekend. Showed up at his parent’s house while LB was having her sleepover there. He stayed the night, and when I called to check on my daughter in the morning, Grandma Ruby dropped the bomb that he had randomly showed up without calling. And whatdaya know, he wanted to see his daughter (since he was there already, oh how convenient!). I said as long as they didn’t leave the house, and Grandma Ruby was there…Christ I am still a spineless coward.

When I showed up to get her, Rooferman looked like complete and utter HELL. He looked like he hadn’t showered in a week. His hair had grown out in greasy clump, his eyes were red and watery. He looked like he had either been working non-stop for a week or had just come down from a 3-day meth binge. He’s always been a small guy, but this time he looked physically sick, like he hadn’t eaten in a while.

He made it clear to me that he didn’t show up to see LB. He was just there to crash. He thanked me for letting him see her, but said nothing about where he’d been the past 49 days, or what his plans were for the future. He just said he had to go somewhere for a meeting, and I left with a crying 2-year old.

I feel sick in so many ways today. I’m going back to bed.


13 thoughts on “Sick in so many ways”

  1. Good lord…all that sucks! I could NEVER afford to shell out $299 a month for preschool. That’s the reason why my son doesn’t go. Sorry you’re sick…just pull those covers right back over your head. Maybe it’ll be better when you wake up…


  2. Oh no! You sound so yukky ;(

    Being sick AND having the hormone train at the same time – NOT FUN!!

    Hey you werent spineless – LB got to see her dad in a controlled environment!!!


  3. I think that letting her see him was the right thing to do at the time. (Of course he’d already spent the night without your permission.)

    It’s sounds like he is just a kid that is lost right now. Maybe for your daughters sake, he will pull himself together at some point. Although I definitely understand not wanting her to be subjected to all of that.


  4. I have no advice to give you about Rooferman (and I obviously should not be giving advice). Use your instincts. You know what is best for LB. It will all come together.

    In regards to being sick, I think we have some twisted blog relationship. I write a bad post about B and you write one about Rooferman. I have court dates, you have court dates. Now, you wake up sick and Aunt Flo comes for a visit. Guess who else woke up sick with a visit from the dreaded auntie??

    I will send some good vibes your way and please return the favor.

    I hope you start feeling better soon!


  5. No worries–it’s understandable that it’d rock your world a little bit that your ex would show up unannounced like that and then want to see LB, but it sounds like it was a controlled environment and handled well. I mean, Ruby is his mom, right? I think that if it was my mom and one of my brothers, she may not have even called [you] if that had been an option. It’s hard to choose someone above your own child, and good for her for calling you, and good for you for making that not a nightmare for her. *pat pat* Feel better.


  6. How terrible. Well he can’t give you a guilt trip at least. The picture you paint of him would have been great for an online website. Stay away from him!


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