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Lawyerdude and delight

Court was pretty uneventful yesterday. There were a total of 3 people in the room: Me, the judge and the lawyer who has taken me under his wing. Both the Petitioner and Respondent had to call into the courtroom, so there were two people on speakerphone the entire time. Very weird. If I were a judge, that would kind of piss me off, but this judge is very smart and good at his job.

*An interesting side note: This is also the judge who sent Rooferman to prison way back when.

The case was completely different than mine, and the hearing was only 15 minutes long, so I didn’t really learn much that would apply to my case. However, Lawyerdude showed me the layout of the court, where I would stand, how the judge would address me, and how I needed to present myself. GOOD STUFF, since I am basically going into this with no court experience whatsoever.

Hopefully, I can keep going back to the courthouse as much as possible. Luckily I can just walk over there from my office, check the docket and take my lunch break during one of the scheduled hearings. I’m still waiting to see if I qualify for the fee waiver, but Lawyerdude said he was doubtful that I would get it. *Sigh*

I have an appointment with Human Services on Monday to see if I can get child care assistance. With my rent going up, gas and food going up, pretty much everything going up, its become pretty clear I’m not going to be able to afford daycare without receiving child support. Keep your fingers crossed that I get approved.

LB’s sentences keep getting longer. Its shocking when “My computer broken, Mommy. Need go shopping and get batteries” comes out of her mouth. My simple baby-like responses no longer satisfy her. I have to give full-on explanations when she has a question about something. Its scary. I’m finding myself stumbling over answers. I’m not used to my toddler putting me on the spot, demanding more complicated verbiage. Now I’m the one trying to catch up.

Its scary, but at the same time, utterly awesome and completely thrilling. I don’t get to use the word “delightful” enough in life. Thank God I have my daughter 🙂


13 thoughts on “Lawyerdude and delight”

  1. We dont recognise calls in court here! So that would never happen here!

    Sounds like lawyer dude is pretty cool!!!

    LB sounds super cute :o) Its amazing how the just GET it one day!


  2. It is really not that bad. Pseaking from experience since I just left a courtroom. I did my hearing by phone during my child support hearing because I was going out of town that day.

    You just watch and learn. Ask as many questions as you can from knowledgable people (most attorneys here offer free consultations and they disclose some good ideas during the meeting, I have been to 4 consultations).

    Eventually, even though you are still nervous about being there, in becomes a little more routine.


  3. It’s great that the lawyer has taken you under his wing. Maybe that will help with the nerves.

    I’m with you on the expense thing. Everything’s going up except my paycheck. Unfortunately, here in TN I make just a tiny bit too much for any kind of help (and yet can hardly pay my bills…). Hope it works out for you.

    That’s great that LB is talking so well. It’s tripping me out lately how much Shiloh can say. And you’re so right about having to explain things to them. I’m still used to one word answers and that doesn’t work anymore. Haha.


  4. I really don’t know how ANY single mom makes it without getting child care help; as you can see from my post yesterday, if I have to pay, it takes most of one entire check and I wouldn’t be able to make it. Here’s to hoping you are juuuuust poor enough to qualify. Also, it is so freaking great to hear the power in your voice; you are taking it one stpe at a ttime, and you kick ASS.


  5. I hate, hate, hate going to court! It’s always over child support and all though i don’t feel as crappy as I did the first time I walked into “the hall of shame” I still hate going. I always leave upset with the same question in mind… “why did he let it go this far?”

    As for being broke enough to apply for help. Last year I applied for heat assistance and qualified, but I filled out a form wrong and was told after the deadline. I also applied for Legal Assistance to help with the divorce, again I qualified but I was told they didn’t have enough lawyers.


  6. Laura- I was kind of afraid lawyerdude was just going to ignore me when I got there, like “you’re not paying me, so you’re on your own.” but he was actually asking me questions about my case and offering suggestions! SCORE!

    goin-crazy- I’m hoping with enough visits to the courtroom, at least it won’t be like the first day of school (wandering around crying)for me.

    Jenn-I hear you on the paycheck. Why can’t that go up too?

    Kori- No YOU kick ass!

    Single mommmy- Thats why there is a 3 year waiting list for Legal Aid: not enough lawyers. Boo.


  7. WOO-HOO! I am so glad everyone is helping you out- the judge and lawyer dude (he’s actually starting to give lawyers a good rep)! Becky and I were just talking a few days ago about how smart Lilly is. Its great that Lilly is curious about everything and asking questions about it! 😀


  8. Wait a minute.

    My power has been out – so what did I miss? And why didn’t I know this before? You don’t get child support? Is it b/c he’s self-employed?

    My God.

    I’m e-mailing you something that may help with the childcare.


  9. yep…… children are the greatest joys in life. they can make you wanna live, and sometimes make you wanna die. but they will be there forever to make you happy. a quote for you: motherhood-the only place where you can be in heaven and hell at the exact same time.


  10. Hey, I was talking to my dad about you, and sadly (but predictably) you can’t have him as your judge. However, he did say you have the best kind of petition and a really strong case. Be brave, little piglet =)


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