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Bad Press does exist

I live in a small town. I work for a school district. I’m used to seeing my employer’s name on the front page of the newspaper. I hear school talk where ever I go: the store, the gas station, daycare, playgrounds, restaurants, farmer’s markets, street corners, public restrooms, the projects.

  I’m not the Superintendent. I’m not on the school board. I don’t make standard-changing decisions. I’m a paper pusher. I make 1.6 x minimum wage. According to State of Colorado cost of living statistics, I need to make $16.00/hr to be self-sustainable as a single mom with a child in daycare. Yeah, I’m not making that.

It doesn’t matter. I’m the Devil’s right hand. And when things like this happen, I just want to run away.

I don’t know how much more I can take.


10 thoughts on “Bad Press does exist”

  1. Its a pretty cryptic story?

    But worrying none-the-less!

    Babes – all of us who are working on the ground are the Devils right hand!

    I have to force people to give me money they dont have – daily! I watch as they close the doors of their businesses and then demand they pay us what they owe us!

    Its thankless and demoralising but it puts food on our table and so we do it!


  2. Yes it certainly does. I remember reading about the corruption in Vegas schools. It was always a teacher touching or looking at a student wrong. What’s up with that? I don’t know how people could do thiongs like this to women or children. Just breaks my heart.


  3. I found out about this just like everyone else, by reading the DAMN PAPER THIS MORNING. GRRR. I have no clue what the details are, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it soon enough.

    Yeah, what are you gonna do? Its a job.


  4. I was going to give you the standard come to Idaho speech, but then we just had a preacher who beat ths shit out of his wife get support from his parishoners AND the court while his wife got shunned, as well as the whole Boy Scout molestation stuff-and yeah, even if you got paid 34.6 X the min, wage, it would still not be enough to put up with the crap. Perhaps I won the lotto last night and we can all gather up and find our own little safe haven. My thoughts are with you today; it must be so hard to not be able to tell people the things you would really, really like to!


  5. Glad they hired a great replacement for the football program. OMG, but it sounds about right after seeing firsthand some of the c*$# that went on in the sports programs. Using freshmen for tackling dummies with the seniors was one of my favorites. Or seeing a baseball coach throw a water cooler across a dugout and hit a player when they were losing. Good, good stuff. Idiots. Breakfast was fun =) See ya soon, love ya!


  6. The paid leave thing is something I can’t understand either. It is possible these allegations are false, and he turned himself in, which is normally a good sign. Ugh, I don’t blame you for having these concerns. *hugs*


  7. School districts are so politically muddled. My former district has more than it’s share of scandals as well. Maybe you can work your way into one of the law firms you have been meeting with. Pushing law papers instead!


  8. How about working at a hospital? Medical secretaries make pretty good money! 😉 And the job usually comes with pretty good retirement/insurance/time off benefits, too! Just throwing the suggestion out there…


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